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    I thought that in episode 2, even part of 3 but I THINK its the real Snow we are dealing with. Hopefully....that sure as hell will throw me off! 0.0

  • I'm pretty sure she changed her attire because Bigby bled all over the old one. She already wore the black-and-red outfit for Lily's funeral, and it looks more sombre and authoritative, which fits with her new station as Director Of Operations and Fabletown's more desperate state. "I have other matters to attend to." isn't much evidence either. I mean, Crane's been saying it for hundreds of years to Snow. It's not a stretch to assume that it just rubbed off. And her on-screen character development from episode 2 through 4 is also pretty crucial to how she behaves in the comics.

  • IDK Man Snow looks pretty different than she did before....

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  • Bigby knows her scent perfectly he would know if it wasn't her immediately

    • Not in the game, sadly. He would have known she wasn't dead in Episode 1.

      • That was a huge error and alot of comic fans i know got annoyed by it so if they were smart they wouldn't do it again

        • If Snow saw Lily's body at the same time Bigby saw her head, Bigby would feel Snow's shock as well as his own. In episode 2 it felt like Bigby was gonna collapse on the steps. Also there is the fact that Bigby's head is in tact, which it wouldn't if Snow's wasn't.

      • They showed us that Crane masked her scent with snow's perfume.

        • True but Bigby admits in the comics that he has perfectly memorized Snow's smell, he knows exactly what she smells like, even when she's wearing different pairs of perfume or she's covered in blood or mud or anything.

          Telltale kinda contradicts the comics too many times and I'm surprised Willingham didn't correct them on that stuff.

          • I don't know if you noticed two rather big contradictions with the early issues of the comics.

            1. In the first arc when talking about his tedious detective work, Bigby claimed that he never got involved in a gunfight and number of times when he had to chase target on foot could be counted on the fingers of one hand. - Now Dee and Dum's funeral crashing and ambushing Bigby, Snow and Crane with the help of Bloody Mary in episode 3 could most definitely be classified as a gunfight, while he pretty much chases people all the time in the game.

            2. In the very first episode of the comic, Beauty makes a mistake of mentioning the seven dwarves to Snow and it is obvious that she has a wrong idea about what really happened between Snow and the Dwarves as she refers to it as her "little adventure". - Again, in the beginning of episode 3, she says that Snow's been through a lot to Bigby, as if she knows about the rape in her past, which she doesn't at that point in the comics.

            • Yeah you're totally right. I remember reading that first little section and thinking, "Did Bigby forget about that bigass case from awhile ago?" I actually totally forgot about the dwarves part but yea, that makes no sense whatsoever. It would make more sense coming from Boy Blue or something.

              I wonder if that stuff goes through Willingham at all, it seems to me like if it did he should catch all of that because this game is supposed to be canon right?

              • I've read some interview with him when he talked about Wolf Among Us, if I recall correctly he mentioned that he's a terrible gamer and isn't big part of the development, but that he serves as an consultant and helps them direct the story of a game "reminding them that Bigby cannot go to the Farm" and things like that.

                My guess is that it either barely goes through his check and authorization or used to while they were making the very first episode and doesn't anymore.

  • Of course that Snow isn't really Snow. I mean, yes she does have rather fair tan, but she would have melted in the sun if she was really made of snow, don't you think?

  • Hello thats the real Snow if that were not her She wouldn't be pist at Crane k that is not some fable or beast playing along with some evil scheme and no offense here but this is a stupid questionable thread I ever read

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