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Questions about glamours

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Just a little thing that's been bothering me. During my replay of episode four I had the discussion with Toad at The Lucky Pawn, where Toad asks Bigby if he even knows how much glamours cost, and Bigby answered that "he never needed to buy one". How has he never had to buy one? Is it because the Business Office pays for his glamour because of his job, or because he somehow doesn't need one to look human?

And while I'm asking questions, how are glamours so expensive if Greenleaf could make a pretty convincing one with a lock of hair and a photo?

  • Bigby doesn't use a glamour, he can transform from human to wolf.

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    JonesJ BANNED

    Greenleaf was doing them illegally; the 13th floor is the place providing the Fables their glamour. 'That's why they cost so much.' -Snow Bigby has the capability to change from wolf to human; it's one of his many talents. :)

  • The reason legal glamours are so expensive is to cut down on the demand. Permanent ones like what Grimble has are harder than the bargain basement glamours Greenleaf did and the witches aren't able to fill the need.

  • Bigby has the ability to switch between his human and wolf forms at will.

  • He's genuinely infected with lycanthropy, and so can shape-shift naturally without needing magic to look human. He was cut with a cursed knife that turned men into werewolves, and since he was a wolf they figured it would work both ways.

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