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Season Two Idea

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Hey guys, so TWAU is almost ending and I just wanted to let you know my idea if there will ever be a second season. Alright so during the Crooked Mans operations through Season One, a lot of Fables were hurt, due to their debts. As a way to feel better another secret witch (Not Aunty Greenleaf) decided to create her own "potions" (bassicacly Fable drugs) and give them for free to Fables so they could get high and forget about their pains and troubles.

She wasn't associated with the Crooked Man and was against him, waiting for Bigby and Snow to eventually overthrow the Crooked Man and fix the Fabletown community, after Fables have had their financial situations fixed, the witch actually made the Fable drugs addictive, meaning Fabletown residents who used the drug during the 'Crooked Man era' will keep coming back and making her rich.

Season Two is about trying to wipe out the drugs and look for another solution, and include characters such as Aunty Greenleaf who may help you depending on how you treated her in the first season. Also depending on your choices depends on who gets addicted, Fables soon are being forcefully injected with the drugs just to get addicted and have no hope but to just purchase more to prevent the severe withdrawal symptoms.

What do you guys think?

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