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Saddest death you can make up?

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What do you think would be the saddest death for each character alive?

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    Kennysucks BANNED

    finding sarah on her knees mourning in the trailer park and she looks up to see zombie carlos and despite knowing that he will kill her she runs to give him a hug so she can die in his arms

  • The saddest death that could happen would be anything involving Clementine. I would be fucking livid if she was to die.

  • It was discussed somewhere else, but Kenny dying of an infection to his eye.

    No glorious death or sacrifice to be remembered by. Just a slow, painful death.

  • Kenny dying saving Clementines life would be pretty upsetting.

  • Sarah unable to cope with the loss of Carlos, ultimately pleading with Clementine to leave her behind when the group finds her. A lot of tears and shaking. Maybe Sarah committing suicide?

  • Sarah is found by the group in a trailer park on her knees. Her bestie; Clementine goes over to her and checks if she is okay. Clem finds out that Sarah has been bitten, but Sarah asks Clementine to keep it a secret from the others as she is afraid they will kill her as she is infected. Clem agrees.

    Later on after so many events.

    Clementine, Kenny and Sarah hide in a confined area from the walkers. Everything is fine until Sarah begins to feel unwell. Kenny notices this and finds the zombie bite. Kenny cannot kill Sarah because of Duck so he gives the responsibility to Clementine. Clementine cries but knows its the best thing to do.

    Clementine walks over to Sarah and has a chat with her.

    During this chat Clem and Sarah talk about how good friends they are and what they were going to do. Clem gives Sarah the hug from Episode 3 but notices that she has died. Clem then shoots Sarah to make sure she doesn't reanimate. Kenny then hugs Clem.


    After getting seperated from the group, Clementine and Luke tries to get to the Wellington. Clementine has her rainbow jacket so it keeps her body warm. But for Luke... things not going so well for him. Cold slowly takes Luke.

    Luke: "C... clem? I... I can't... go on... anymore. "

    Clementine: "Luke c'mon. We're almost there. P... please..."

    They found a abonded frozen car. Luke just runs for it.

    Luke: "Kid... I... I'm... sorry but... you have to... go without me."

    Clementine: with sad face NO! We're almost there. We made it. Please..."

    Luke : "Clem, you and... I both... know that... I'm not gonna make it... I'll only slow you... down... you're getting... cold too... that jacket... can't cover you long enough... run... leave me here... please..."

    Clementine: eyes teared You're... you're... NO! I...can carry you. Just... tries get Luke up you have to try..."

    Luke : " Clem... p... pl...please... don't..."

    Clementine: """ cries

    Luke : " Do... do you... remember that... conversation... between us? The day... we met..."

    Clementine: " Y... yes... what happened? "

    Luke : " You... told me that... sometimes people dies... b... because of... you..."

    Clementine: " Y... yes... and now... you... too..."

    Luke : " Don't... even... think about... it... you're the... smartest girl... I've... ever met... with little smile and... just like you... said in the bridge... I'm probably the... one of the... best living asshole in the universe... ehheheeaarrgghh... my point is... we're not... dying because of... you... we're... dying... for... YOU... you're not some... sin or... pain magnet... you don't have to blame... yourself for... every person's death... I'm sure... that guy... Lee... died for you... not because of you..."

    Clementine: sad face and teared eyes "L... luke... hugs Luke * cries*

    Luke: hugs Clementine with smiling face and teared eye* N... now... go... okay? shed warrior... cries

    Clementine: "Luke... no... please don't... go..."

    Luke : " T... take... this... gives his machete to her Just... in case... you're gonna... need that... with little laugh you're using that thing... better than me..."

    Clementine: "T... thank you... hugs one more

    Luke: smiles and cries n... now... go... survive... never... and never... give up your... hope..."

    Clementine takes Luke's machete and looks to him one more. His smiling face slowly turns to normal. And Luke's lifeless body falls next to the car's door. Clementine looks from the distance. She can see Wellington. But there's one thing left...

    [Shoot Luke] [Leave Him ]

      • You're leaving him because you hate Luke or wanting to Clementine maintaining her humanity or (determinant) she couldn't shot Lee how can she shot him philosophy or neither of them?

    • [Shoot Luke]

      but she finds herself think about Lee once again, and breaks down

    • [Shoot Luke]

      My feels have been torn apart

    • Well shit this is a harder decision then when Lee died since Luke has a small chance of surviving

    • [Shoot Luke]

    • No offense that death probably wont happen because if Luke cant find a jacket like Clem he would probably get a blanket or something before heading to Wellington and its highly unlikely that he would freeze and Clementine wouldnt.

    • Even though i dont even want this to happen, i think it would be nice to have the game decide for you. If you Clem shot Lee, she would shoot Luke. If not, she would leave Luke.

      • YES! Thank you Steven. That's the only one and important thing that this season missing... choice impacts. I wanted to see these;

        • If you killed St.John's Brothers, Clementine will stay and watch Carver's death scene.

        • If you told her in "No Time Left" that "Don't trust anyone." Clementine will not mention her name even to Luke and Pete. Until the "A House Divided" Because Kenny is returned and he will mention her name. Yes, it's just a name but... I don't know. And she's not going to give Sarah "A Pinky Swear"

        • Depending on your Lee in Season One, if you decided to burn photo of Lee in "All That Remains" Clementine will decide what to do. If you were an asshole she will burn. If you were a nice kind hearted man... well... you know the answer.

        • In "Long Road Ahead" when you gave Clementine a "Survivor Lesson" if you told her that "We learned not to be afraid." She will do all the work in "In Harm's Way" without a doubt. If you picked "We learned that everything is dangerous." She will be more planned and tactical about escape. If you picked "You need to hold the gun carefully." that will affect her gun experience in "A House Divided"

    • I could not bring myself to shoot Luke in that situation. Clem's been through so much. Having to put down yet another close friend and father figure just might be too much for her...


      Damn, that was some good writing. I could really imagine Luke dying in this way. I also think it'd be better than replacing him with Kenny here. No offence, Kenny fans, but Luke seems like a better candidate for a sad ending. He always wanted to do the morally right thing, but he still dies.

  • Kenny:Dying on Clem arms , and remembering everything they passed together..

    Luke:Being left behind to be eaten by a walker horde

    Sarita:Dying infront of Kenny (Kenny is what would make her death sad.)

    Rebbeca: Dying while holding her baby and naming him/her Alvin if he's a boy.

    Sarah:Being eaten by walker Carlos and then being found by Clem.

    I don't got an more at the moment i might add other's later

  • So i'm out of things to put on doubleposts ,just ignore this

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