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anyone think kenny will try to kill luke?

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like in episode 4 or 5 maybe, kenny is fed up with luke and starts beating the shit out of him and starts strangling him, clementine sees and she is holding a gun, you either kill kenny or let kenny kill luke


  • No. Simply because it's WAY out of character for Luke.

    Luke had a chance to shoot Carver in the head, and he didn't. He obviously has a deep moral compass when it comes to life and death.

  • No. Like @Ohyoupokedme said, it would be way too out of character for him. If you ask me, I'd rather see Kenny and Luke have a moment together, as in saving Clementine or something similar.

  • I think its way more likely to be the other way round. You have the option to shoot Kenny or not

  • I can't see Luke just start beating Kenny out of nowhere. I also see no need to kill Luke, and why in the holy hell would you let Luke kill Kenny? this makes little to no sense whatsoever.

  • NOBODY WILL KILL ANYONE. Luke won't kill Kenny. Kenny won't kill Luke. Calm down.

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    I'm sorry, but Luke won't kill Kenny and vice versa.

  • Luke will try to:

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    Won't be pretty.

  • I doubt this would ever happen since Luke isn't the type to get angry and try to kill someone. I doubt Kenny will ever try to kill Luke unless Luke does something incredibly stupid like Ben from season 1. Ben is still cool tho.

    Edit: I don't think they will try to kill each other since it will hurt Clem

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