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Kenny or Luke?

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Ok so what if there comes a dilemma where you find Luke and Kenny face to face and alone. Kenny points his gun to Luke(armless). Now you have a gun. U either let kenny kill Luke or u kill Kenny. Which one?

  • Are there any dialogue options? If so I'd choose some along the lines of "KENNY DON'T!!"

  • I could never shoot Kenny.

  • Clementine: [...]

    Kenny: Oh I'm just kidding you big turd. Why would I shoot you?

    Luke: ...

  • What is with all these threads about Kenny and Luke killing each other. They don't hate each other that much.

  • This is like...the 3th thread in a single week about Kenny trying to shoot Luke.

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    CrazyGeorge BANNED

    Easy choice Kenny. i been wanting to kill him ever since season 1. The asshole left Lee to die while raiding his dad's pharmacy for food. He is the most ungrateful person in the TWD world.

    1. I helped save his son and let Shawn die.
    2. I stuck up for duck at the drug store.
    3. I gave duck food in episode 2.

    Here is where things changed...

    Trying to revive Lilly's Dad makes Kenny's alignment with you (-100, hostile) He kills him anyways. Then you get to deal with asshole Kenny for the rest of the game. Still dealing with him now in Season 2.

    Examples of Kennyism

    Episode 2

    1. Kenny hides in the stall, when Lee is about to be shot by Danny. Thanks Kenny for the help.
    2. Kenny runs off somewhere, and Lee has to save his wife, does Kenny even say thank you? Nope.
    3. Kenny gets all self righteous when he asks you what you think after he murdered Larry right in front of his daughter/clementine. When they are walking towards the car.
    4. Kenny gets upset if you don't agree to stealing the food from the car.

    Episode 3

    1. Kenny leaves Lee for dead in the pharmacy, already touched on that one.
    2. Kenny brings up the fact that we either shot Beatrice or left her to die as bait. He did that to make Lee look bad.
    3. Kenny attitude becomes real bad when duck starts to get worse, but he is either too stupid to realize that he is probably the reason why Katja killed herself. She was dealing with the loss by herself, she would of probably wouldn't have killed herself if Kenny would of been more attentive instead of putting all of it on her.
    4. Kenny can't shoot duck, making Lee do it. I would rather be shooting Kenny at this point.

    Episode 4

    1. Kenny drinking all the alcohol i found, that was the last straw. It is go time now.
    2. Helping Kenny shoot the boy in the attic, no thanks nothing.
    3. Kenny being horrible to Ben, to the point where Ben wants to kill himself.
    4. Not caring about Chucks Welfare at all.
    5. Dealing with Sarcastic Kenny all the way down to the docks was fun.
    6. Kenny never being able to have my back ever. There is a scene when a zombie falls on Kenny, and Lee shoots it saving his life, Kenny bitches that it "took too long."

    Episode 5.

    1. Kenny wants to kill Lee, when he sees that he was bit in the arm. (in the attic)
    2. Kenny doesn't want to search for Clementine because you didn't do everything he wanted/agreed with him on every choice in the game.
    • Ahem ahem, I don't want to be a crazy Kenny fanboy in your eyes, but I'll try to defend him.

      Episode 2:

      1. In my playthrough Kenny stabbed Danny with a sickle.
      2. Kenny ran to save his son.
      3. Um... I don't think it's an asshole move.
      4. You're starving and survived through awful events. I'd be mad too. Stolen supplies were only Stranger's fault, because this dumbass left an opened car with a stack of supplies.

      Episode 3:

      1. That's an asshole move, I agree.
      2. I don't think it's something bad.
      3. Not all people are strong-willed as you are, Rambo. He just wasn't ready to face the fact that his son will die. It's a normal reaction.
      4. Not everyone can shoot their own son. Btw, you can convince him to do it anyway.

      Episode 4:

      1. Someimes people try to heal their pain with alcohol. I don't approve it, but it's not THAT bad.
      2. I didn't understand that one. Kenny couldn't shoot his son, and since he's associate this boy with his own son, Kenny tells Lee that he still can't do that. His family died few days ago, be softer to him. And again - you can convince Kenny to shoot the boy.
      3. Ben caused the death of his family. I doubt that most people would be so friendly to him after that.

      Episode 5:

      1. I don't remember that moment.
      2. It depends on the situation. If you never helped him and ALWAYS was a dick to him, then I won't be so helpful to a man that was rude and bad to me, never showing any friendship. But if you didn't agreed with him only few times, Kenny is a total dick. I agree with you.
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        CrazyGeorge BANNED

        Kenny wasn't there for his wife when she needed him, therefore she killed herself. How again is that ben's fault?

        • "She killed herself when faced with her son's death" as noted in the character bios in the Episode 5 ending.
          Ben was giving the bandits supplies, when they didn't get their last package they attacked. The bandit attack and "raid" is what caused the zombies to approach due to the noise from the "so called war" hence why Duck got bitten and was about to turn into a walker. It honestly seems you're trying to anger the Kenny fanboys, which obviously doesn't make the situation any better than it already is.

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            CrazyGeorge BANNED

            No its reality. If you dump a serious situation on someone, and leave (act impossible to deal with) have them deal with it by themselves, don't get upset on the outcome. Katja was obviously feeling pretty alone at that point in the game, she was facing her son's mortality, and Kenny was off doing his angry thing. Kenny was closemouthed and wouldn't show her any sign of affection or understanding with what happened to his son. Kenny screwed up big time and he took it out on Ben.

            Remember when Lee was about to kick Kenny's ass and he he was telling him, by acting this way your going to lose everything. Well Lee was right.

            • About kenny wanting to kill lee in the attic how would you feel if somebody you know has been bitten passed out 2-3 tes wouldn't out start getting a little suspicious the fact that he didn't kill lee beforehand after he passed out the first time says a lot

    • Welp, it all depends on your choices really, in my playthrough Kenny and Lee had the ultimate bromance.

    • Agreed. That last example was when I was just done with him entirely. I told him straight up "fuck you."

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        CrazyGeorge BANNED

        LOL yeah, pretty much. It was funny how Kenny gets beaten up by old "sick" people. Seriously Kenny you couldn't protect the one thing you were obsessing over the whole freaking game?

  • Id probably take my chances and run to kenny to stop him. Or try to shoot the gun. (Which would probably end badly).

  • Clem wouldn't shoot to kill Kenny, she cares about him too much T_T maybe aim for the leg or arm?

  • if that does happen im killing kenny
    or least firing a warning shot in the air

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