• I do believe he will have a breaking point. It's already evident that he's not okay emotionally so I think him losing Sarita will be the start of him breaking down even more.

  • I think he'll be able to make it past Sarita's death as long as he has Clementine to live for.

    I honestly don't know what could break him, Kenny is a tough dude.

  • Sarita will die either way, because Clem's hatchet has walker blood all over which will get into Sarita's veins, causing Kenny to break down.

  • Kenny is like a pot that is already cracked and broken in places. this is one reason why I would not abandon him. it would be another blow to the already tired Kenny. and he doesn't deserve it.

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    I love this kid, i had to share this with everyone, i found it semi humorous. Poor Ben.

  • I think Kenny was broken a long time ago.

  • 'What will break him?'

    Sarita: Clementine honey, what's the matter? You look pale.

    Clem: It's...it's mom and dad...

    Sarita: Oh sweetie, you miss your parents? :(

    Clem: No, they're fighting again.

    Sarita: Fighting? What on earth are you-

    Kenny: I swear you floppy haired pretty boy of a turd! You disrespect my son's name ONE MORE TIME and I'll sink the Titanic on your mother turdy face!

    Luke: For what!? Jesus Christ all I asked is if you wanted some roasted duck served next to your stupid gravy boat! >:(

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    Sarita: o_o...I'm filing for a divorce.

    Clem: You're not even married.

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    Sarita: Oh goodie, that was easy. Take care now bye bye.



  • Well with Matthew and Walter gone and now with the practically certain demise of Sarita, I'm guessing now the only thing that could really push Kenny over the edge would be losing Clementine. Either with her dying or simply rejecting him (Pizza & Ice cream maybe?). I mean, he obviously puts great importance on family and Clem is now the only person he has left who he cares about.

    With all that he's lost and his hinted instability I think losing Clementine would be the final sickening blow which pushes him off the edge forever. Hell, I bet it would hit him harder if she simply rejected him than if she died.

  • I don't think Clem is so important to Kenny as most of you say. Imo he is a good guy, maybe he is even better now than he was in normal times, yet he doesn't give a sh#t about anything anymore, as we clearly saw in ep3. Sure, he cares about clem and he is certainly glad to see her again, but I don't think she alone could fix his world. In a way, Clementine's death would be good for him, as that would mean less memories from his recent past.

    Sarita, in the other hand, represents the promise of a new beginning, something that keeps him from thinking about the past and in that sense he can still carry on blindly (like Rebecca with her son). If Sarita were to die, then I think it's over for him. Maybe he would blame one of the new guys/girls in the group and sh#t might happen that would end with him getting killed, maybe unintentionally by Clem herself trying to stop him or something like that.

    I'm probably wrong as I couldn't foresee almost anything to this point, but I'm sure as hell I wouldn't like him dying in the typical heroic fashion (saving the little girl at the cost of his life). It just doesn't do him justice. That was something that fit Lee, but he is not Lee and there is no real reason for him to become a new Lee. Btw sorry if I mispelled things, english is not my main language.

    • Clementine's death would not be good for Kenny. In fact, Clementine gives Kenny a second chance, since he failed to protect his family, and it also gives him a purpose.

      • What purpose exactly? If Kenny is not in old restaurant, "couldn't lift a fly", demi-death mode, it's because of Sarita. He knew Clem was out there, somewhere. At least, he couldn't be positive about her being death and could have tried searching for her/them, yet he didn't. I don't think he spent that time meditating and accepting his past, either, as he was pretty much letting himself die. So it was Sarita who gave him a purpose to start living again. Now, after Clem's return, it's easier for him to remember Duck's death and his own failure, as we saw in the dinner scene on the lodge.

        I'm not saying he doesn't care about Clem, he obviously does, and I'm also pretty sure he doesn't really love Sarita. But things are not going to be easy for him if Sarita dies now, much less if someone from the new group can be blamed (and everyone could be blamed because of Bill thing). Anyway, it's just my opinion.

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