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Who do you REALLY think is the REAL killer?

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Hi everyone, I know there are other threads like that, but I dont care. I just want your theories and about who you really think the killer is. Im just so into this game, everyone is as I believe. But I want your theories, I want you to share them with them. I dont really have a theory, thats why I want yours, each one of you is probably smart than one another. Maybe Bigby is who you may think the killer is? Just anyone you think is the killer (not saying bigby is who i think is the killer) I just saw the ginger guy everywhere, though Im still not sure. Also tell me what you want to see in the finale, and what do you think is gonna happen to Nerissa ? Because we all watched the finale's trailer, and I think she's going to let Bigby take the ribbon off. But what do you say? What do you think? Share below please. Thanks!
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  • CM probably hired someone.

    My guess is "The Caller" from Beauty and Beast's voicemail.

  • This is my theory but...I think Vivian because of this. When you go to the Butcher first, the chalkboard has all kinds of names, with various letters and numbers. You look to the bottom, her name is there, which makes me believe she is glamoured. Georgie is up there, due to the spell around the ribbons. I think the 'caller' is Vivian-we don't know WHO she really is or her Fable. When Bigby entered the room, she got up REAL quick and stood beside the CM.

    I know the teasers change but when everyone was backing up into the corner, made me wonder what was REALLY going down. Maybe it was her, maybe it was Bigby. :) I still think she has a much bigger part, then just being 'Georgie's girl.'

    • Yeah, at this point, Vivian's the only character who actually could be the murderer without it being mega obvious or disappointing. Well, her or Tiny Tim since they've both been on the side for a long while.

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      JonesJ BANNED

      Yeah, I agree with you on that, pie. Think she is glamoured as well. Believe she used Georgie and the pudding & pie as her 'stomping grounds' to help the CM out; he was just a pawn in their devious schemes. Her name on the chalkboard gave it away. Why else would she be there?

      There was a huff n' puff in room 207; no one but Bigby smokes that 'cheap and god awful brand.' The pudding & pie had a cigarette machine there that had those and the Shontelle in stock. Georgie, Hans, Vivia and the dancers have access to these.

      Think she is Georgie's 'favorite' because he KNOWS who she is; he may have knowledge of her and what she is capable of. The CM maybe using her AND Mary for his own purpose.

      • Actually... Doesn't Vivian smoke Huff n Puffs?? Like, I thought we'd actually seen it, or had proof of it. I mean, people used to say that like it was a fact. If it is true that she for sure smokes them, then she's even more suspicious.

  • I think Vivian is the killer.

  • I think Vivian is the killer as well. Has the means, we just don't know the motive yet.

  • Fuck u telltale! I will not change my mind in believing "who's the killer" even if u change the script. I'm sure since episode 1 that t's the red haired guy!

  • Vivian still has a ribbon on, and say ''these lips are sealed'' when entering the strip club in EP2. She's involved, but not killer imo

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    Blind Sniper Moderator

    It's obviously Bukfin. Behind that fuzzy, green, incompetent exterior lies a cold blooded killer whose mercilessness is only rivaled by the equally ruthless likes of Bluebeard, the Crooked Man, or Jersey Devil.

    All those times Bigby told Bufkin to "fuck off" had finally taken their toll and made him snap.

  • Your passionate insistence on having us talk and not having anything to contribute yourself, including but not limited to: lack of attempt at posing arguments; conversation pieces; and points for debate, leave nothing but "check out my fan fiction", black and white and clear as day.

  • Vivian is "Georgie's favorite", and still have to use the ribbon.

    Two things that scape attention of most people I see is that:
    1) The ribbon magic doesn't work in other people using the ribbon, hence Faith could be told of Lily's appointment with Woody. Meaning that Vivian is free to talk to them.

    2) The only person in the entire game so far that matches the blue fabric, is prone to invade and sneak into places, and do whatever to get cash is Jack. I wouldn't be surprised if he delivered the heads Vivian provided him to Crane's steps, without asking questions.

    Another thing that bothers me, but I have nothing to back up is that people assume Vivian isn't glamoured, when she could be not even human, and we haven't the slightest idea of her fable, which could be related to the laughing person in Lily's body dump. Someone only she can hear?

    Vivian might want to start a war between The Crooked Man and Bluebeard, and Jack see an opportunity in removing such powerful and controlling fable as TCM. So he dump heads in Crane's doorstep as her request, and she strain the relations between Crane and Crooked, with the pictures and killing.

    BTW, the girl on the picture could be anyone. Even herself, instead of Lily. Crane mention the massage appointment is with VIVIAN, meaning that she could be not only the pimp, but the hooker herself, and Faith had to cover for her, because she wasn't Crane's regular too.

    Another point of interest with less significance: Beauty saw Snow, something Crane's usual hooker could be aware of not doing.

    One more less significant point is that Nerissa say she have NO FRIENDS LEFT, meaning that even using the ribbon, Vivian isn't considered "one of the girls", backed up with Lily's picture that have only Faith and Nerissa with her.

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    dojo32161 Moderator

    Someone in the Pudding n' Pie. If you smash the cigarette machine, Bigby's brand of smoke comes out. Everyone goes out of there way to tell him that it's a terrible brand, while in room 207, the room had a Huff N' Puff in there, which leads to the suggestion that the killer smokes the same brand. So why would the company put their brand of cigarettes in a strip joints club unless they were guaranteed to get money? Which leads me to believe that either Georgie, Hans, Vivian or Nerissa is the killer.

    • Clever Hans? No way. He doesn't have ANYTHING to do with the crimes. He probably doesn't even know who the Crooked Man is. Come on, it's CLEVER HANS we are talking about. Woody looks like the Puss in Boots near him.

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