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Sunshine Mobile Home Park ep4

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Not much has been discussed about this place. So from the teaser for episode 4, after Kenny says that Carver was an asswipe, we see Clementine picking up Sarah's broken glasses and she appears to be standing outside a trailer park which is called 'Sunshine Mobile Home Park' and it looks like someone has maybe put barbed wire on the wall to stop intruders. Then in the next clip I think, it shows Jane and Clementine outside the same barbed wired wall as they hide behind a rusty pick up truck whilst planning a way to get past some walkers.

So I wonder if there are any survivors in this trailer park and I wonder if some might have been living there since before everything fell apart, if there are then I think that they could be proper trailer trash redneck types living there, you know those types of guys who are racist, alcoholics and always degrading women etc. I do however think it would be interesting to see how the group would get along with people like that.

So what would you think of this?

  • i like that but what if the 400 days guys are there who stayed at the camp and didn't leave then we can meet them as clem

  • I'm worried that whoever's in there - let's face it, people WILL be there - they've captured Sarah or something.

    Hopefully they're good people, but if not, then they're all going the way Carver did.

    • I don't think they'd be like Carver but more hillbilly types like I described and it wouldn't be a safe place for Sarah or any other young girls to be in a place with those kind of people.

  • I like your thinking.

  • That's a pretty stupid stereotype believing all people in trailer parks must be trailer trash that's racist, etc. Given that it's in the south and hurricanes hit the area, some of the people living in trailer parks were displaced from their homes so they're just regular people. Others are just poor. That's like saying all Native Americans are drunks and casino owners, all blacks are criminals, and all Asians are good at math/science. Don't judge a person on where they live or their looks. Judge them by their actions. Stereotypes only serve to hurt others.

    Now who will be living in a trailer park in TWD? If you put up barbed wire fences around flimsy trailers ... then either you think you had no where else to go (barbed wire around a brick building would be a lot safer) or you're not too bright. But if you've lived two years with zombies roaming around, you can't be that stupid ... or you're just insanely lucky. Thing is, trailers aren't the most stable (wind often can go right threw them due to terrible construction although more pricier modern models are more insulated) so more than likely, many would have collapsed in on themselves due to lack of maintenance and weather. It's been like 2 years since the apocalypse started. Pricier modern models of trailers might still be standing two years later without maintenance, but more often than not, newer trailers won't be in a trailer park. They'll be on privately owned land owned by the person who owns the trailer and with the owner living in it. Telltale's choice of a trailer park was pretty poor and will likely have me nitpicking most of the time I'm in it once episode 4 hits. Going to make me think of the Big Bad Wolf versus the Three Pigs. Where's Bigby and Collin? >.> A trailer's like a house of sticks (a house of straw being a tent). But if the trailer park ends up disintegrating for one reason or another, that could lead into the museum (house of bricks).

    • I agree about the generalizations. You really should watch what you say on these forums, Shane... You can easily offend people. What if someone is going through financial troubles and has to live in a mobile home? I don't think they'd appreciate these broad, judgemental stereotypes you're throwing around.

      • I never said that everyone who lives in a mobile home is a redneck, I just meant that it would be the sort of place those type of people would be familiar with and it could of course be an ideal camp for a zombie apocalypse.

  • Thats actually not that bad. maybe they will team up with some new people

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  • It might be a temporary place for the group to stay/rest like the Travelier Motel or the house that Kenny, Lee, Christa, Omid, Ben and Clementine were in in S1E4.

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    Chateau BANNED

    um no like every car place that sells, well cars. Has barbs wires. That's if it's like old or something. But last I remembered I recall them saying it's like this historic place or some shit. Maybe it already had wires in it or something.

    Or maybe we do run into people since melissa said we do run into some "guys"

  • While I agree that maybe there could be some people still alive in the trailer park, I do take a bit of offense to your comments about 'trailer trash rednecks'.

    What you just described, is called 'White Trash Wife Beaters.' These are assholes. (I am white, as to avoid anyone from starting racist remarks for any reason.)

    A redneck is something totally different. Why do I say this? Because I am a woman, and I am a redneck, and I know a lot of rednecks both men and women. Most redneck men I know are gentlemen. So please, I ask that you don't diss on my peeps yo. D:

    But I understand if you have a generalization about a certain social group or type of person. If you've only been around a few bad examples then that ruins the rest of us.

  • There's been stuff about Lilly's reappearance in Episode 4 so maybe that's where Lilly would be staying if anybody is actually there in that trailer park?

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