• The thing is, the story WAS good. The story is always good in a Telltale episode. But we saw little to no consequence of our actions in previous episodes, so there's not much to talk about, since basically we all got the same episode. And there's the fact that the only glimpses we saw of our beloved 400 Days characters were alienated people that had one or two lines.

    There's no doubt there were some cool moments. I mean I DID have fun, but the general consensus is that it could've been more.

    EDIT: It's kind of like getting a new used car, and overtime you notice paint chips and slightly bent metal. The car runs the same, but you can't get over the flaws.

  • I've never really understood the hate either cause I really enjoyed the episode for the same reasons you listed

  • Episode 3 is what really brought me back into TWD and gave me the "feels" back :D

  • Yeah, I think this episode was cool. There are only two things I didn't like - Carver's awful development and 400 Days characters' awful development. Everything else is perfect.

  • I'll do my best to list down why most players don't seem to like S2 Episode 3 as much as the other episodes:

    • Carver's characterisation shift from affably evil and well-intentioned hunter from Episode 2 to a tyrannical and blood-thirsty egomaniac in Episode 3.
    • Disappointing 400 Day characters cameos. Aside from Bonnie, all the other characters served little to no purpose in the episode.
    • Sarah, and Rebecca are the only cabin crew characters to have reasonable character focus. Everyone else is shoved to the side, especially Nick and Alvin. It could also be argued that Kenny stole the spotlight in a story that had little to do with him and Sarita.
    • Reggie's character served no purpose other than to show that Carver was evil, though that may have been the point.
    • Everyone is way to dependent on Clementine, to the point where Clementine is possibly the only competent team member of the group.
    • The anti-climatic teaser trailer for Episode 4.
    • Supposedly Luke does not mention Nick should he die in Episode 2, in spite of being childhood friends.

    Bear in mind these flaws Episode 3 may have doesn't make it a terrible episode, there are several memorable moments that makes Episode 3 good, but chances are most players find that Episode 3 doesn't hold up to the quality of the other episodes.

    • I agree with you, except I wouldn't call Carver 'well-intentioned,' even in episode two. There was a lot of ambiguity if he was simply a tyrant or if he was a machiavel, but yeah, his characterization in episode 3 was horrible.

      I would like to add - treatment of Nick was pretty crappy (my Alvin was dead, but even so, Nick might as well ahve been dead.)

      Also, in all fairness, when episode 3 rolls around Clementine is the only competent member of the group. (that's a half-joke)

    • In regards to this item on your list:

      Carver's characterisation shift from affably evil and well-intentioned hunter from Episode 2 to a tyrannical and blood-thirsty egomaniac in Episode 3.

      I suspect Carver was simply putting on a "nice guy" exterior in episode 2. Once Clem and the others were captured, the disguise became redundant. I also think there was still plenty of consistency in Carver's character in ep. 3; his attitude towards Clem was a good example.

  • Carver's Death was the biggest surprise for me.

  • Thank you! :)
    Theres like 999 hate threads and i find 996 of them really nitpicky. Im glad im not the only one who loved episode 3.

  • The episode was short and felt rushed also your choices barely had an effect in other words the Episode had a Big FUCK YOU from Trolltale Games.

    • But was it any shorter than 'A House Divided' most users loved that episode
      I felt more rushed in episode 2, i had to follow this group i didnt like, had to get them across a bridge and etc.
      In episode 3 at least I WANTED to leave.

      • The Fuck? So the Episode is good because it allowed you to escape?

        • The episode was good because the entire episode had one very forward goal: Escaping.

          • Uhhhhh.... You didn't play Season 1 did you? The whole point of this series is for you to create your own story in Episode 3 you dont get to make any decision whatever you do still leads to the same ending. And its not only Episode 3 but the whole Season 2 that feels half assed 90 minute or less episodes, Characters that will kiss your ass after you told them to fuck off. This season doesnt improve from season 1 instead its feeling like they did it because it was easy money.

            • Oh come on now. Every part of Season 1 was not just open ended choices, they all led to the same point, you just got there a little differently. Season 2 is doing the same thing. I think part of what people are missing is the awesome NEW feeling that came with Season 1, and how different it was in its story telling. Granted, that set very high expectations for this sequel, and MANY people are enjoying it. If you feel it's so half assed and not improved then stop playing. You get a good amount of content for the price paid, arguably more than many $50 games give you. You can never please everyone.

              • Shhhh... You got no idea what you are talking about if you're gonna tell me to stop playing and throw away the money i paid you must be out of your fucking mind. If Microsoft gave me my money back then sure why not but that aint gonna happen and second these $50 games you speak of come with something called MULTIPLAYER or Side Quests so it adds to the value. A lot of people are enjoying it? then all the threads that i have seen saying that we are getting less for our money must be my imagination please dont talk stupid shit goddamn.

              • Sure, novelty is a factor, but that illusion of choice was arguably presented better back in S1. The characters helped that, for their various reactions to you made the experience feel different, even if it did not actually vary that much in the end. It was not perfect, but this feels like a step back, not an evolution of that system.

            • Do you know whats funny about your response to me?
              You say that "The whole point of this series is for you to create your own story in Episode 3 you dont get to make any decision whatever you do still leads to the same ending." Yet in 'Long Road Ahead' NO MATTER what you do, the ending is the still them on the train seeing Savannah. You sound like you don't know what you're talking about.

              • You are correct but compared to Episode 3 Season 1 and Season 2 Episode 3 which one had a better story? S1E3 Kenny loses his wife and son, you discover ben is the reason that all of that happened, you meet new characters(Omid, Christa and Chuck), you discover that Clem has been talking to the stranger, lilly kills doug or carley and You teach Clem survival skills. Now tell me what do you do in Ep.3 in S2 that is so epic and added to the story? My bad if im coming off as a bit of an asshole.

                • I personally enjoyed S2E3 story better actually for 3 reasons, 1) I was never bored with the story at one part, getting the train to work was a drag for me, 2) I found the new characters in s2ep3 better and more interesting, Chuck was fine but I did not like Christa or Omid (I liked Omid in ep.4 though). 3) I loved the intense end of s2ep3, even though Long Road Ahead had a pretty good ending with the Stanger and all, I found Clementine chopping off a ladies arm more intense. Now I will tell you everything I found epic in Episode 3, Carlos slapping Sarah, Carver nearly killing Kenny, Carlos getting shot in the neck, Carvers death, Jane shooting Troy in the dick, Sarita getting bit, Bonnie joining the group, and Alvin's revenge.
                  Of course there was something's wrong with ep.3 like it is impossible to get caught and the lame 400 day characters.
                  And no, I don't think you are an asshole, youre just stating your opinion just like me. :)

  • I didn't hate it. Mostly.

  • I didn't like it because of how bad the characters were here. None felt important but Kenny who seemed to be the only character in this ep.
    I'll go dig up a post from an earlier thread to describe my feelings.

    • Oh god please don't lol

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