• Actually, it's a very good theory! I think Georgie and Jersey disposed Lily's body, but King Cole is probably not in Bluebeard's basement lol.

  • This is a pretty solid theory. The only plot-hole I can think of is that it wasn't Lily who put Faith's head on the steps. I think those marks were definitely from her drug abuse, especially since Bigby and Snow are so conclusive about that being the reason for the marks. Besides, the fence spikes would have made bigger punctures or even slashed her skin slightly. There was no scabs or blood marks on her legs when her body was found, and her death was presumably only a day after the head was placed, which shouldn't be a long enough time for any scars to heal over. Tiny Tim is seen outside the Business Office with bloodied jeans, with denim being the fabric that was found near Faith's head, so unless that part of the story was rewritten, it was Tim who put the head there. If so, maybe he was another accomplice in this plot, although that's unlikely since he seems so loyal to Crooked Man in Episode 4.

    But still, a very good theory here, and sounds legit

  • I like the suggestion that the track marks in Lily's legs could instead be puncturing caused by climbing the fence to leave Faith's head at the Woodlands' doorstep, but Bigby seems pretty sure about it being track marks and I don't think the wounds match with the fence, unless they had regenerated almost completely, and I don't think the rags we found match Lily's "Snow" skirt either. Bigby even compares it to the real Snow's skirt.

    • Bigby doesn't really seem that sure to me. Also, Lily probably would not have gone to the Woodlands glamoured or dressed as Snow. Just sayin'. If the fabric is hers, it's from something else that she was wearing.

  • Theories are quickly becoming confused with fan fiction writing. This isn't a theory as much as it is a "alternate" story. Clearly, there is too much info to relay in one episode and while your entire story makes sense and was enjoyable to read, its not a theory.

    • Please explain how this is not a theory.

      • Clearly, everyone on here has a VERY loose definition of what a theory is. Look, this isn't going to happen. We both know that. It was an enjoyable read and certainly an interesting take, but there is a 0% chance the main point of the OP's theory happens (that Faith killed herself, blah blah blah.) A theory isn't a story, its a plausible way things may go/ have gone. Key word: plausible. There NEEDS to be solid evidence. Someone can have a theory Bigby will die at the end of Episode 5, or someone can have a theory that Snow is actually a "bad guy", but both points are useless unless you can bring in substantial evidence from the game. I guess it comes down to what is substantial. It seems OP is creating a story based off of events instead of actually making an educated guess. I guess we can agree to disagree.

        • "There needs to be solid evidence"

          I don't think you grasp the concept of a theory. Or what "educated guesses" are. You do realize that you don't need to have indisputable supporting evidence to make an educated guess, right?

          On a side note, Bigby and Snow can't die/be evil. They made it to the comics. It wouldn't make sense. There is evidence stacked against that happening. However, there is no evidence stacked against this. Everything fits, and everything looks plausible from a storytelling perspective. Of course, that doesn't mean it's going to happen. It's a guess at what could happen. An educated guess at what could happen. Jesus Christ.

  • You're fucking brilliant! That one comment under Golthar about the Illusive Man made my lungs collapse. 11/10

  • I may buy into this theory especially if the weight disbursement of fables don't change even if glamoured to be smaller than normal. It would make Lily too heavy for Nerissa to move and need both Jersey and Georgie to rid themselves of the body. How did Crane move the body to the W.Well?

  • I think this is the theory that is possibly the closest to the real thing. I don't think it's 100% accurate because I am not sure how I feel about Nerissa and Lily disposing the head in such a visable place, knowing that mundies would see it and possibly find out about the Fables. But other than that I think it's a great theory!

  • Pretty good but not perfect, but overall good job!

    • Thanks! Yeah, I don't think Crane was at the river anymore, but I still think this is the best theory so far! Especially when you add in the interpretation of the tarot cards from my previous comment.

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