• Ugh, the forum killed the formatting on some of the Dickinson poems. If anyone particularly minds it I can go through and edit it, otherwise I might later.

  • Were those leaked?

    • They were uploaded on Playstation Network. If you have a PS3 or PS4 (I personally saw them on PS4 so I'm just guessing they're also on PS3) you can view them.

      So I wouldn't say leaked... just released.

  • Really great job putting all these together, and adding the analyses too! The last one gives me hope that Clementine will live at the end of the season.... but she'll be a shell of what she used to be, which may be even worse. And ngl, I think Kenny or Luke may die during the Right of Frost achievement.

    Oh, and "All the Dark Night": someone from the remaining group gets extremely injured and we wait to see of they'll be okay? Or worse: we wait for them to turn. OR WORSE: Clem gets bitten, they chop off the limb of choice, and wait to see if she will turn. That would be brutal.

    And was I the only one who, before even remembering the poems, thought of Nate and his car for the "Kindly Stop For Me" and "Slowly We Drove" achievements? I don't think it would happen but imagine how crazy it would be.

    And I think I'm thinking what others are thinking about "all the dead lie down" - literally, the cold in Wellington causes the walkers to be unable to move and they just lie down or get really slow.

    • I'm also thinking the Right of Frost achievement will probably be a major character death...

      Also, I'm thinking that the silver trophies will most likely correspond to the biggest events. Just guessing :p

    • Oh, and "All the Dark Night": someone from the remaining group gets extremely injured and we wait to see of they'll be okay? Or worse: we wait for them to turn. OR WORSE: Clem gets bitten, they chop off the limb of choice, and wait to see if she will turn. That would be brutal.

      A horrible injury could be in reference to Kenny. They're already worried about possible damages to the brain. Not to mention, Kenny will probably crack someday soon.

      • That is definitely really true. Maybe All the Dark Night could be Kenny succumbing to his injury? He could get an infection from traveling to Wellington, maybe. Or he could really just break down and we have to handle it, Carol and Lizzie style. (Alternatively, from the comics, Carl and Ben style).

  • Awesome analysis!



    • Possibly, but notice that terminus is not capitalized, implying they mean the word and not the place (I don't watch the show so I can't say whether or not they'd be in the right place geographically, but that could also be a problem)

      singular: terminus; plural noun: termini; plural noun: terminuses

      1. a final point in space or time; an end or extremity.
        "the exhibition's terminus is 1962"

      2. BRITISH -the end of a railroad or other transportation route, or a station at such a point; a terminal.
        an oil or gas terminal.

      3.ARCHITECTURE - a figure of a human bust or an animal ending in a square pillar from which it appears to spring, originally used as a boundary marker in ancient Rome.

      Possible definitions of terminus.

    • Different universe, bro.

    • No. terminus never happens in the comics

  • What a great read! Great job man, you really hammered the nail in the coffin called my feels.

  • Bloody poems... no god damn movie references.

  • Terminus in the achievement sense is not a literal place like in the show. Instead, it is a basically a synonym of "the end of the line."

    So imagine the achivement actually says "reached the end of the line"

  • Thank you for putting all of these together and explaining them, take all of my likes! "The Right of Frost" mentions eyes a lot, and really reminds me of Kenny, it even mentions being broken and "discarded of housewife", so it makes me think Kenny may be dying there. "All the Dark Night" also suggests tending to the wounded, so I'm guessing a lot of the remaining group members will be injured or something, or like others have suggested someone is bitten, and we have to wait it out. The last one is worrying as others have pointed out that it may mean Clem does survive, but would be a hollow empty shell. I kind of hope it means something else, like something having to do with walkers, and that Wellington is actually a safe haven, and that Telltale named it after a poem about death and depression in an ironic way, but they do like to play with our emotions... so I don't think they'll give us a completely hopeful ending, I'm sad to say.

    • No problem! I noticed the references right away when I saw the trophies, for someone who likes poetry an awful lot it's about the same as a "The Cake is a Lie" trophy for a gamer, so I figured I might as well share with people who wouldn't be overly familiar. :)

      I think that whatever happens in Episode 4 and 5 will be infinitely more likely to damage Clem mentally than physically, unfortunately... the general feel of all the poems together is one of loneliness, sorrow, and despair... and with both Kenny and Luke just waiting to be thrown in the line of fire for the sake of an emotional death... who knows if Clem could take the loss of another father figure in her life?

      It's a good catch how often eyes and sight are mentioned in the "Right of Frost" poem... I think that whoever it is, it will probably be a loss that feels like an unbearable separation to Clem, going with the poem, and with how distant she is from the majority of the cast that certainly narrows it down to an itty bitty group that happens to include Kenny.

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