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Kenny turns Antagnoist?

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after recent events this seems possible i mean the way he killed carver that was total bloodlust and it wasnt the kenny we knew, the rage has almost overtaken him. In addition he will most likely came to know in next ep that nick killed matthew and that was the reason group broke furthermore it was because of these farm people that kenny got into trouble in first place, Saritas death will also be a factor of this. Its highly likely that he will pull something like lilly, what do u think? I think it will be a interesting change in current storyline

  • Needless to say anything can happen in Telltale's world. So yeah, possibly.

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    Gustav_Kenny BANNED


  • It would be cool if he does but I don't see him being much of a threat to Clem. Even if he did snap I don't think he'd ever hurt her.

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    CrazyGeorge BANNED

    I hope so, that way i can make the Kenny Fans cry with Gifs.

    • Why are you refering to everyone who likes an ingame character as "fans who will cry at some random Gifs"
      Does that mean that the people who likes Luke and Christa would cry like a puss over some gif as well?

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        CrazyGeorge BANNED

        Oh I have dealt with the Kenny Fandom for a while now, I know how they will react when their savior dies. I can't wait. No clue how the Luke/Christa fans would react each reaction would be at a personal level.

        • Yeah. Well, I'll have you know that I am not one of these "oh team overpowered moustache" or "boat OP" I just like Kenny as a person, yes, I know he acts like a short-tempered jerk pretty much all the time, but he's also done some good things during the walking dead.
          edit: if kenny turned into an antagnoist, and tried to hurt/kill clem or anyone in the group I would kill him if there was a choice. as I've said earlier, just because I like a person doesn't mean I would let them do what they want.

        • Being a Luke and Christa fan, I don't think i'd go to the extent that the hardcore Kenny fans would go to- even though I do like Kenny as well...

        • Finally, someone else who notices how much of a pain some of the extreme members of the Kenny fandom can be! It's like they can't live with the fact some people actually dislike their "God" "hero" "saviour" or whatever synonym they've decided to use this week.

          I've noticed that at least with Luke fans or Sarah fans, they'll respect your differing opinion.

    • You're really starting to piss me off.

  • Maybe we can give Kenny's existence purpose other than mindless fanservice if this happened.

  • I would actually like that, but only if he slowly turns into one by the end of season 2 and then continues to be the antagonist in season 3. Like, he is shown struggling to stay a "good guy" until episode 5, but gradually failing...and then in ep5 something happens which finally makes him snap. It would be a nice cliffhanger and would actually make me come back for season 3. It would also fit with the title. "No going back" (to be the old Kenny)

  • Well I would only think Kenny would snap if Clem dies, because I have doubts Sarita will survive so Clem would be all he had left.

    Like if TTG decides they wanna drink our tears they would kill Clem and then Kenny would snap and season 3 low and behold Kenny turns into a dick like governor/Carver 2.0

    I really don't want this to happen

  • “Die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain”- Harvey Dent.

  • Kenny's shown a side of him we didn't know. Even his most questionable choices is S1 were never sadistic, but rather survivalist. It'd be cool if he did more fucked up things like beating Carver (who totally deserved it anyway, imo), and we'd have to start thinking if we're gonna put up with this shit or not. Eventually, Kenny's gonna alienate himself from the rest of the group and, determinantly, Clem; which would have to have something to do with this season's final choice. Still, I don't see him going completely crazy and hurting someone in the group, and certainly not Clem.

    • I agree with you here, Kenny always tried to do what he felt was right for the group to survive, he is not a bad guy. It seems some people forgot that Carver beat this piss out of Kenny so bad the doc thinks he could lose his eye. Carver also beats women and kids and kills those he deems unnecessary......I would have beat Carver to death too, but much slower and not in the head right away.

      I am with your thinking that he will alienate himself from the group, if he does, I roll with Kenny because we have that bond from a long time ago which right now is alot stronger than this new group.

  • If Kenny kills someone in Ep4 and that someone is Nick or Sarah... HE SHALL PAY WITH HIS LIFE.

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