See didn't I tell you guys that Wellington was like Terminus Sanctuary? Here's why. Please read

I made a thread way back explaining how Wellington is a trap, and like Terminus Sanctuary. Everyone doubted me, and down-voted. Now I have proof to finally back up my theory.

Wellington is not what people think it is. Hunters, and walker reside there. And there's no such thing as repeating what's already happened in a ZA. Yes we already witness cannibalism at the St. John's, but Wellington is much worse. I think your decision from season 1 to make Clem eat Mark plays a role in the finally. People at Wellington will force Clem, and whoever is with her to eat walker meat. Clem will remember Lee, and avoid eating it causing someone to get shot. Depending if Clem ate Mark I think she would say, There was this farm my group, and I went to. They killed a guy named Mark, and made us eat him. I asked Lee if I'd turn into one of those things, and he said no.

So here's why Wellington is like Terminus Sanctuary. Look at 205's trophies:

Alt text

Wellington's motto to lure people in:

Welcome to Wellington. All who arrive survive. We have plenty of fresh water, and people of all ages here. The walkers are pretty slow due to the winter. So what are you waiting for, come to the Wellington Terminus, and earn your sanctuary now...


  • I think you are completely correct, but on telltale's part - I just think this is a little too predictable and I kind of hope its more than just a trap :/

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    ter·mi·nus, noun, a final point in space or time; an end or extremity.

    Why does everyone think because it says "terminus" it means it's like the cannibalistic group in the TV show? It's an actual word, you know/

  • I completely agree that it's a trap, I always said that too.

  • "I'm done making threads for now until 205 TWAU and 204 TWD is out. Have a great day community.."

    I don't mean to be rude, but that's your own quote...

  • terminus: the end of a travel route (such as a rail or bus line) or the station at the end of a travel route

    It's just a word meaning destination. They probably just didn't want to spoil exactly what that destination will be in the trophy description so they left it vague. It more than likely has nothing to do with Terminus from the comics, seeing as how that's located in Georgia.

  • You could be right but keep in mind the meaning of terminus is like a end point or final destination and that is why it says reach terminus cause wellington is the end point of season 2 I doubt telltale would do the cannibal thing again and honestly that would be way too predictable

  • wau u r some sort of geinius!1

  • Can't we just have ONE LEGITIMATELY FRIENDLY sanctuary?

  • Actually, has that ever happened in TWD? It'd be good to see a friendly sanctuary that gets eventually attacked by bandits or something.

  • It's not a trap. Expect to be mind-blown because we'll witness something we've never ever witnessed before.

  • OzzyUKOzzyUK Moderator

    There are some friendly sanctuaries in the comics so the same could happen in the game.

  • I think the closest we had in the game was either Roman's set up at Gil's Pit Stop in 400 Days or the Cabin in Season 2. Both seemed relatively sustainable but were fuck over when outside forces started messing with them. They were both pretty small though.

  • I think it would be a nicer-ish change of pace for the game.

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    This should be a spoiler if people didn't want to see the dang achievements >:

    Edit: Now the title is a spoiler :(

  • I think the group is gonna arrive there expecting safety, but they realize that Wellington has been completely overrun by walkers.

  • When I saw the thread with 205 trophies, i had to make another thread.

  • Thanks for showing me the Episode 5 achievements that I didn't want to see. A little invention called a "Spoiler Tag" could have prevented this.

  • ah the dislikes, and rude people. It's not nice to make fun of people because they misspelled a word. I can care less if the word was spelled wrong, I just want to discuss, but ole well keep disliking the threads :). Have a great day

  • Plot Twist:

    Carver's community was Wellington.

  • I really hope Wellington turns out to be completely fine. It'd honestly be a good surprise, as I'm sure a lot of people are expecting the worst.

  • In that case, even if your threads are unpopular/effectively ridiculed, don't say you won't make more, because you will. It's not like I've seen this happen only this once.

  • Yeah! It would be much more of a shocker if everything was great there. But judging by the last achievement, i don't think so :(

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    I believe that Wellington isn't a trap,I feel I would be more shocked if it wasn't a trap and I hope Telltale at least gives an almost happy ending this season because even in TWD world it doesn't all need to be sadness,despair and death.

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    Yeah and after this you still have to make another thread... and then another.. and another..

  • the dislikes were not about the word I can tell you that from now it was because well I'm not trying to be mean but that rabies theory and most of your other theories are stupid and don't make any sense at all and writing theories that don't make any sense is pretty much asking for dislikes and writing about the dislikes is just gonna get you more dislikes if you really didn't care about the dislikes you wouldn't write in the comments oh I don't care about the dislikes or anything like that

  • Sounds like bullshit, would be too obvious, they will probably make it friendly, but It'll fall in Season 3.

  • I have been saying for ages Wellington might not be a trap cause that would be too predictable worst case scenario imo would be it is overrun by walkers

  • Sorry man I never noticed mind if I hop on the bandwagon though?

  • Wait guys "Kindly stop for me"? Has anyone else read that poem? OH GOD PLEASE NO

  • It got me to think about Atlas from Bioshock,if only it was "would you kindly stop for me?"


  • Don't take any notice. The dislikes and rude people don't mean a thing. If you want to make up theories, however so called stupid they maybe to some, then do it.
    Just shows you have an imagination, they obviously don't and having an imagination is nothing to be ashamed of.

  • when it say's terminus it doesn't mean like the one in the tv show it means the end of the point or place

  • I'd be dissapointed if Wellington turns out to be Terminus 2.0. I mean, what's the point? The TV show is already doing it, and the very reason I play this game is 'cause it gives us a different (and, in my opinion, better) story from the show and the comics. I don't want TTG to do the same as the TV show, I want them to make their own, creative stories. Maybe I'm alone in this, but that's just how I feel.

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