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[Keep] or [Leave]: A Decision Dealing With Clementine and Her Hat

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Back when Clementine lost her hat in Season 1, she seemed upset that she lost it but not as if she couldn't live without it. Fast forward to where we are now in Season 2. Clem has gone through a lot with her hat always being there. Assuming that everything she had in her backpack is no longer there (it seems as if it is empty), her hat is the only memento of the good and bad memories of her life so far. How would you feel if Clem has the choice of either keeping her hat or leaving it behind at the end of the season? If you keep it, she'll say it's because of all the memories it holds and is a token to remind her to never give up hope and survive. If you leave it behind, she'll say it's because the memories it holds are a burden and that she needs to leave these burdens behind in order to begin anew and survive the apocalypse. If you time out, her decision will be based upon you past action i.e. whether you expressed interest in looking for it as Lee, whether you kept her hope alive about finding her parents, whether you killed or left Lee and Sam, and other gaming choices that relate to your outlook of life and hope. If you didn't play Season 1, you're Season 2 choices will be the main determining factors. I feel like if this was choice in the game, it may actually be a harder choice than people may think, especially if the reasoning for keeping and leaving were known/stated right before the decision prompt.

  • The loss of her hat could definitely be representative of accepting the new changes in her life, acknowledging that she's not the same person she was at the beginning of the ZA.

    I don't think I would leave it, though. It's always a good thing to have a little bit of hope and anchorage to your past (especially if it includes good memories of loved ones).

  • No! Clementine can't leave her hat, it's like a canon shield! Think about it. Everyone with hats has survived to this point. Glenn left I suppose, and got killed in the comics, but that's because he didn't wear his hat half the time. Nick died in one instance, but not in my playthrough.

  • I really would like to see what people from the "Season 1 Clementine vs Season 2 Clementine" debate have to say. Would your view of her hold true with your decision in this situation?

  • I think Clementine should get rid of both the hat and Lee's photo- and the drawing if you didn't already burn it.

    When you have the option to burn Lee's photo in S2E1 she doesn't burn it, leaving me to believe it comes into play later.

    Either way, she needs to get rid of anything that will just make her upset. She's not going to forget about Lee or Ed without the photo or the hat, so she just needs to let go of objects that directly remind her of her sorrowful past. She just needs to make like Elsa and let it go.

    • WOW! I'm surprised. I thought you were going to say; ''HELL NO! I'M KEEPING!''

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      • Well... since the end of episode three I see that Clem's sanity is kind of going away so I think it'd just be best for her to bury them as a sort of "Goodbye" to her dead family and Lee. I say this because I too have lost family members (and I was also about the age that she was whenever she lost her parents, except I didn't lose my parents, but other people who were close around me) and it took me for damn ever to just let them go and I felt better when I did. It's refreshing to see death as a celebration of the happy times you had with the people you've lost rather than mourning over it, which just drives you insane over time.

        • That would be a touching way to end. Clementine lays her hat over a makeshift grave. She think about all those she has met and lost throughout the zombie apocalypse. She looks st the hat one last time and says goodbye. It's not just goodbye to her hat or good bye those who have died, but goodbye to the pain and sorrow she has had to endure. The only thing she has how are the good memories, the lessons she has learned, and a new future to look forward to. She turn away and walks out not to a sunset like in Season 1 but to a sunrise. As the camera shows her walking away towards her new group, it shifts down to reveal the hat on the grave as the wind blown. The moment Clementines image disappears into the rising sun, the scene goes dark only to reveal these words: The Walking Dead.

          • That'd be a great ending. But I would still hope for a season three.

            • You can. We can start out with a new character who has never been in contact with anyone from Season 1 or 2. Later on in the season, we can have a cameo or reference to the previous seasons (maybe the person or group can come across the hat lays at the grave 0_0 ).

              • Well, I mean another season with Clementine. It'd be a good way to end the season, but I don't want that to be the way that they end the series. I would never play TWDG season 3 if it only had a minor mention to Clementine.

  • I don't think I could ever leave her hat. It's been with her since the beginning. It holds memories of her dad and Lee. If something helps you remember the past better, keep it. Keep the memories, weather they're good or bad. They're teachings in a way.

  • Maybe a walker or bandit will try to steal her hat and Clementine will have a choice whether to keep pulling or let go...

  • Where is the trade hat to a tf2 player for a key option?

  • I'd probably keep the hat, I'm a sucker for symbolism and the stain of Lee's blood represents the grief and regret that shaped her character. The way I see it, Clementine is still beating herself up over Savannah. I'll voluntarily ditch the hat if Clementine makes peace her mistakes, but no the other way around.

  • NO! I'll keep it, it's a gift from her father, it's something Clementine values.

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