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Pls more twd stuff for xbox live/psn

posted by Chateau BANNED on - Viewed by 1.2K users

Like we need gamer pics and avatar items, like the adored clementine hat. I'd so buy it. Also there could be her hammer, luke's machete, lee's shirt, kenny's boat.. ya....

Also for some ps3 users, but last I checked they already had clementine's hat ugh.

This post is only for console users to discuss about this, and if you'd actually buy it. No "Pc master race" or spoilers. Thank you i love u all please consider this telltale, make it happen baby.

  • Since when did PSN have Clem's hat as a avatar?

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    Blind Sniper Moderator

    Hmm. Come to think of it, some avatar items for Telltale's version of Walking Dead would be nice.

    They already have those Xbox exclusive Minecraft skins, so I wouldn't imagine it would be too far-fetched for Telltale to consider.

    I assume you all already know this, but to those to who don't, the Xbox store does offer some Walking Dead items based off of the AMC show.

  • Am i the only one who was hoping for another premium theme? I was so disappointed. I missed out on the last one for S1. I wanted a 400 Days theme, TWAU theme, S2 theme, GoT theme, TFTBL theme. I WANT THEMES TTG!!!

  • I completely agree... and just some suggestions towards telltale if they ever plan to make avatar related things from TWDG...

    Clementine's hat

    Clementine's outfit

    Kenny's hat

    Kenny's mustache

    Kenny's saltlick

    Nick's jar of whiskey (are they allowed to do that btw?)

    Luke's machete (or even all memorable weapons)

    Rebecca's baby bump (99.9% joking)

    Alvin's 'baby' bump (too soon?)

    TWDG Themes in general.

    ...And I patent everything above, but I do allow you to use it if I get 80% profit ;) (99.9% joking)

  • Well I'm not sure if you can import your own avatar pics but if you have a USB you can import your own wallpapers on Xbox and PS3.

    On Xbox I imported an Attack on Titan theme and on PS3 I have a Walking Dead theme.

  • I agree, console users need some stuff. Steam has profile backgrounds, trading cards, badges, and emoticons, while console has nothing. I'm sure it'll happen eventually. Until then I'll just have the AMC TWD background on Xbox and TLOU on PS3.

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