why is Bigby ...

if you had seen the the trailer of episode 5 you will see that Snow is at the place where the witching well is and bigby' hair will look like he is a wolf , What will make him like that ?


  • Snow dies? Probably for some people at least.

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    But no, seriously, she can't die, this is a pre-quel to the comics.

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    I don't trust those teasers anymore. But if I guessed, maybe there is someone in there with her and he's there to save the day or something like that.

  • Detective Branigan

  • However, we are playing OUR BIGBY, in Canon it's a linear story without options, this is our story, with our own endings. (1 of which is most likely the comic's path).

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    Nope, I think all the endings have to be canon to the comics. Perhaps some Fables that don't appear in the comics (only those) may die depending on our choices.

  • Going by previous trailers, any trailer of next TWAU's episode have 0-15% of actually game moments. So that moment with Snow can easily not be in game.

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