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Which Character Are You? (MBTI Type)

posted by Imaginethosefandoms on - Viewed by 9.8K users

Molly: ISTJ, The Duty-Fufiller

Katjaa: ISFJ, The Nurturer

Lee: INFJ, The Protector

Doug: INTJ, The Scientist

Shawn: ISTP, The Mechanic

Ben: ISFP, The Artist

Clementine: INFP, The Dreamer

Chuck: INTP, The Thinker

Larry: ESTP, The Doer

Omid: ESFP, The Performer

Duck: ENFP, The Inspirer

Kenny: ENTP, The Visionary

Christa: ESTJ, The Guardian

Mark: ESFJ, The Caregiver

Carley: ENFJ, The Giver

Lily: ENTJ, The Executioner

I got Lee squeal

So comment what you got!

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