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I told Vernon Clem was my daughter and he calls me out later

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I took pleasure in slamming him against the wall. I even gave him my sympathies for losing Brie and he acts like I'm this huge monster. She's basically my daughter so what's the difference? Anyone with a brain could figure out her parents are dead. He's such a hypocrite too considering what he does in Episode 5. Anyone have something like this happen?

  • Yeah, it happened to me before.

    I leave Clem with Omid and we go back after stealing from Crawford. She asks if I found her parents and Vernon's like "Her parents?!". It was not only heart-breaking telling her but awkward with all those looks Vernon was giving Lee afterwards.

    • Yeah I did the same and when Vernon said that I told the screen "F@@k off". The only thing I lied about was her being my daughter and he acts like I'm a terrible manipulator even though I specifically said that I'll go alone back through the sewers. He offered. So saying that I manipulated him into going is a lie.

  • Yes. I was honest with him except saying "Clementine is my daughter." dialogue. I brought her with me in Crawford's Main Community Building and she didn't mentioned her parents not even once. After the Crawford escape and reunited with Omid, he told me that if I'm her real father we wouldn't have this conversation but I'm not am I? Just another one of my lies. HOW IN THE F**K DID YOU LEARNED THAT I'M NOT HER FATHER?!? I WAS HONEST WITH YOU!

  • While I think it was just bad writing on Telltale's part, they've earned enough trust with me to think it's really all just a misunderstanding compounded by rage and grief. Vernon thinks you're trying to emotionally manipulate him by claiming to be her father and he's just lost one of his closest friends thanks to Lee's ill-advised actions in the city. The tiniest bit of suspicion from being lied to from a certain POV is compounded into something that makes him hate Lee.

  • i told Vernon that Clem was my daughter b/c i really considered her to be my daughter

  • Because you manipulated his emotions. I think Vernons daughter also died so lying about Clementine gives him every reason to hate you.

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