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Oh No, There's No Doctor!

posted by Savannah_Outlaw on - Viewed by 446 users

This is just a little rant sorry prior to this but I am tired of hearing people say to me that Sarita is definetely going to die because Carlos is no longer alive.

I'm not sure about anyone else, but even if there is no doctor around there should be some basic knowledge on what to do from someone, you're not telling me that every single person in the group is brainless to think about what to do. Does anyone else get annoyed by it too?

  • I mean fair enough there isn't many supplies hanging around but the knowledge of helping this sort of scenario should be applicable.

  • come on lets be honest here other than basically saving kenny carlos was a pretty shit doctor and the only disadvantages the group has without him are there is no doctor to deliver rebecca's baby and they have a 15 year old girl who ceases to function

  • Yeah, after you cut the arm you have to clean up the wound and thow alcohol at it and stop the bleeding, etc; but what happens if you need to do more than that? Sure, I bet someone's bound to know at least one name of some good antibiotic, but they're still pretty much clueless. Not to mention they may not even do the most basic things right. I bet properly cleaning, cauterizing and bandaging a wound is harder than it looks in movies. I'm not saying Sarita's fucked and the people in the group are only going to speed up her death, but I have to admit I'd be a lot more confident of her survival if someone with actual medical skills was there to treat her.

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    CrazyGeorge BANNED

    It doesn't matter what choice you made, now think about this. The last thing she did was scream in a herd of zombies, and her arm has been recently cut off, so theres going to be a "fuckton" of blood. So my best guess right now is she is going to be killed in the first 30 seconds of episode 4.

  • Maybe Kenny knows how to deliver...? He probably watched the birth of his son.

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