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So, as we all know, we had to make a choice in the very end of the S1. That choice includes either shot Lee, so he doesn't become a walker, or leaving him there. Now, I chose what (when I played) 33% of the players chose, which was leaving Lee. Now, I know this sounds bad, but I see it this way:
1- You can make an 8 year-old-girl, that has developed an amazing ralationship of parenthood with you along several months, shoot your brain, and, f corse, TRAUMATIZE HER FOR LIFE.
2- You may become one of the most horrible things in the world, but that little girl won't see you transformed, reminding you of the 2nd father she loved.
What do you think?


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    Clementine was 9years old at the end of Season1, not 8years old;D

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  • To me the choice was either to Save the bullet or Save yourself. I didn't really know what to do, so i left Lee.

    I lost that save unfortunately, in my second playtrough i decided it was best to shoot Lee, so there you go.

  • I think a choice that could really traumatize us would be choosing to have Clementine brutally murder somebody, or have somebody you care about brutally murdered because Clem didn't brutally murder their murderer.

  • well, sorry.... did the same mistake again xD But what did you choose?

  • Closure is the reason I had her shoot Lee. :P

    She already has her parents' corpses roaming around aimlessly for eternity, it's for the best that the other person she was closest with doesn't have the same fate.

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    If she shot lee, then she doesn't need to live the rest of her life with the fact that he is one of those monsters. She can live knowing he is at rest.

    That's why I think shooting lee is the better choice.

  • I let her shoot Lee. She needs to be able to do the hard things if she wants to be able to survive.

  • Still, it's a bullet in the head....

  • She can still get atached t the little hope that he didn't die... I still think that way :(

  • She can still get atached t the little hope that he didn't die... I still think that way :(

  • I got Clem to shoot Lee. I understand it's traumatizing for her to shoot her only alive parent figure. But, I think she'd rather have him die a person over a walker.

  • I chose to shoot him, because I think it's kind of an important lesson. Sometimes you just have to be strong and adapt. Plus, it was putting Lee out of the pain he was in, and not letting him succumb to the infection. I wanted Clem's final gift to Lee to be mercy, if that makes sense.

  • I also had Clem to shoot Lee.

  • It was either shoot him or leave him to become a walker. I think that after her parents, Clem wouldn't want to see that happen again.

  • I would make her choose. If you don't choose, she will decide based on what Lee did in the game. Soo you won't traumatize her if she does that...right?

  • I shot him. I figured after everything that man did for Clementine, he deserved to rest easy. But I can only imagine how much it must've hurt Clem to be left no other choice but to mercy kill a man who loved and cared for her like his own. And I know she must blame herself for him dying.

    Sorry for the tangent. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to sulk in the shower.

  • Leavehim, for a few reasons, one it saves a bullet, two she doesnt have to shot someone she loves so much, three since i didnt lock up lee with handcuffs, there could be a possible cameo appearance of walker Lee

  • I always have Clementine shoot him. I wouldn't want Lee to reanimate; he deserved better. It may have been traumatizing for Clementine, but I personally think it would hurt her even more to imagine Lee as a walker; she even begs him not to turn. Not to mention it helps her become aware of her own mental strength.

  • I thought it was better to shoot Lee, have her know that he'd be at rest, and not a walker forever.

  • But if you leave him, she isn't going to see him and her last memory of him will be of someone as a normal human being that helped her

  • I assume you didn't shot him 2 :)

  • Yeah, so, I, uh... make Clementine leave Lee behind. All the reasons like saving the bullet, the walkers didn't need any help trying to find her, and shooting Lee would've changed her in a real bad way.

    I also gave a chance Clem decide what she should do and was surprised, kind of mad (not for long, of course), and more sure in my decision than before when she chose to leave too.

  • Nope. I shot him. by the same reasons that @Dont_Look_Back said in his/her comment.

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    I chose to shoot him the first time, but I tend to choose to leave him in subsequent playthroughs simply because it's the sadder option.

    I also don't agree with this "she has to do hard things to survive" logic for shooting Lee, considering that if you don't shoot him, you end up the same way, as a hardened 11 year old survivor child. It's what she has been taught that matters. Especially since one of the major lessons taught by Walking Dead is that it is always harder to keep someone alive than to kill them. Killing a person is portrayed as the easy way out, an easy solution thrown at the hero by the loose cannon or the psychotic survivalist, but holding onto your morality and humanity is the real challenge and the real "hard choice". Obviously, shooting Lee is different from killing someone who was an enemy, but it all stems from the same basic logic: "kill problematic people to survive". I disagree that that's inherently the correct choice. Sometimes you have to, but sometimes you don't.

    Additionally, leaving him behind is just as hard as shooting him; neither one is more valid to survival or harder than the other. One might even say that the harder choice in this instance was saving the bullet and not granting Lee peace, which I also don't necessarily agree with, since the person who is now the walker is already dead. The only "peace" you're really granting Lee is his body to shut down, but the person he once was is already at "peace".

  • Left him.

    I wanted to give her a break on the worst day of her life. Besides, I told her that shooting things really changes you as a person. I didn't want to see a hardened Clem in S2. Not that this choice matters at all in S2, but hey.

  • But she'd also know that she left Lee to become one. If I were Clementine I wouldn't want that bugging me in the back of my mind.

  • So you were agreeing with @Dont_Look_Back is that right? :(

  • didn't regret a bit reading the whole text
    great arguments bro ;)

  • I left him. I didn't want Clem to have to shoot the closest thing to a father she'd had in months, especially as she'd just seen her parents outside as walkers.

  • Yes. why do you seem so disappointed?

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