Dialogue options that you WISH you had.

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What are some dialogue choices you wish you could have said but couldn't?

I really wish I could have...lightly suggested that Clem's parents might be gone if that's at all possible. So maybe she wouldn't have her hopes up so much but not completely crush her.



  • Kenny: "But I keep thinking, if this was me? With Duck out there, asking you to put your life on the line, would you be there for me? Because there have been times, where you ain't been."

    Lee: "Name one."

  • Kenny: Still wearing this dirty old thing huh?

    Clem: And you're still wearing yours...

  • Clementine: reunites with Kenny

    Kenny: clementine? :D

    Clementine: Nice god-like beard.

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    Lilly: "He was still alive Lee... I know he was still alive."

    Scumbag Lee: "Bitch, I don't give a fuck. I got blood on my jacket now, that's the real tragedy."

  • Something with "Fuck" so I can make Clem swear more.

  • No quite dialogue, but...
    Taking an apple in Carvers office, while he's talking.

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    I wish I could've helped Reggie out when Carver asked Clementine and Sarah to leave.

    Carver: "No, this ain't your fault. Why don't you wait outside."

    Clementine: "No."

    Carver: "What was that? I don't thing I heard you correctly, it sounded like you said 'no'."

    Clementine: "It wasn't Reggie, it was me. I'll fix this, don't punish Reggie though."

    [Carver grabs the back of Clementine's neck]

    Carver: "How are you gonna 'fix this'?"

    Clementine: I can work through the night, rebuilding the outer walls, okay. Now, let go."

    Carver: "Fine, but he's workin' with you."

    [Carver then briskly turns toward Reggie, and punches him]

    I dunno, it's all I got.

  • [Hug Nick]

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    Carlos: I'm just saying there are consequences to rash actions

    Clementine: Says the man who locked me in a shed for a dog bite

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    "Dialogue options that you WISH you had."

    Alt text
    Alt text

    Clem: A truly horrendous piece of modern art molded into its most ghastly of manifestations. One might speculate it were the artist’s experiment to interpret both the physiological and psychological battles with one’s inner demons, and of the emotional turmoil of everyday life within sociality’s ocean of bastardry. Many a critic could also add further to a coercive conclusion this same ocean of bastardry is what has caused the fish to sought refuge, by crawling limberly from the waters to once drown it in anguish, and is announcing its territory and renewed life via vomiting it’s excrement onto the earth with the vast range of sadistic characteristics befitting of a-

    Troy: Will you just go the fuck to sleep!?

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    Luke: It ain't one part of this sonuvabitch I don't hate but that does not make this right.
    Clem: Just kill Carver already.

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    In Carvers office.

    Carver: Its one of the tough choices people like us have to make in order to survive

    Clem: (remembering what lee said on the train) Killing is bad no matter what.

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    Lee: ''And also...''

    Clementine: ''Wh... what? What is it?''

    Lee: ''Happy... birthday... sweetpea...'' sad smile

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    Clem did not say anything to the 400 days people, that was a real let down, so here's what I think she should have said:

    Becca "Who's this?"

    Clem "You're worst fucking nightmare you sly bitch, so stay the hell away from me!"

    Wyatt "Dude, you better get up and see Bill. He doesn't like to wait. So... you should probably go"

    Clem "I don't care, but yeah you're right I probably should go or he'll start crying, so get your stoner chubby ass out of my way DUDE."

    Russell "You should get going. Bill don't like idle hands."

    Clem "Shut up Asswipe, is that all you have to say? How about I just kill all you folks and take all your stuff?"

  • Nick: I had to kill my mom... huh sounds kinda weird when I say it outloud"
    [Hug Nick]

    Kenny: Whats the deal with these guys Clem!?
    Clem: Kenny stop! Luke and Nick are my friends. (i felt like an asshole that Clem didnt really stand up for Nick even though he was getting the most bullshit from Kenny)

  • I just realised that my set up for my dialogue and answers weren't correct but im on a phone so please excuse that :p

  • Dude..........WHY?!?!? ;-;

  • Yeah, even though there was an achievement i thought i fucked up, i told Reggie i wouldnt get him in trouble but i didnt know there was an option to not listen to kenny telling you to look around, also i didnt help sarah and he said "Clementine :( I asked you to help her" i felt like it was alll my fault Regi died

  • I doubt Clem would ever say any of that

  • He's a vampire, feeds on feels.

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    Lee: "And also... D-don't leave guns unattended in bathrooms..."

    (?) Clementine will remember that

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    (evil laugh) You know me well ;)

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    I really wanted Clementine to tell Carver to go fuck himself literally anywhere in this scene. I don't want Clementine to swear as much as Ellie, but I wanted Clementine to say something to Carver before he died to let him know that he wouldn't be missed by anyone.

    Alt text

  • Well, I kind of wish there was an option to mention Chuck all the way back in S1 E4. After he was found in the sewers, I don't think Lee ever got the chance to mention he found Chuck to the rest of the group, and it just kind of bothered me.

  • I think it would have been funny if Clementine were to grumble to herself angrily as she's being pulled up by Mike to start up the PA system. Not even respond to Rebecca just..* 'screw this, they're doing this to me again'*

  • I helped here and he talked about how I didnt finish my work but the thing you got was sadder when I saw that choice on youtube :( I thought you could save reggie....

  • When Luke was speaking about the most important thing in the world. I wish I could tell him to fuck off rather than I give up.

    I didn't agree with him that It was family. I also wish they added "Survival" Line rather than food.

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    Clementine is ordered to go to the roof to break in Carver's office

    Rebecca: Clem! Make sure you bring Alvin.

    Clementine: Sure! I'll just carry a wounded 250 pound man on my back as I make my way back down! That should be a piece of cake for a small 11-year-old girl like me!

  • I also helped Sarah. But I hated the fact I couldn't actually help Reggie out.

  • I wish we(Clem) had the option to give Kenny the drawing of him and his family. That would have been very emotional for him :'|

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    Something tells me Kenny would have attacked Carlos if Clem had mentioned that and I wouldn't blame him

  • Honestly, I just with the dialogue options were a little clearer. Sometimes I'll see something I want to say, then when I click Lee/Clementine says it in a tone I completely didn't intend or goes on to say other things which I also wouldn't have wanted to say.

  • I pretty sure after having been shot twice, he wasn't literally going to fuck himself (jk).

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    [Hug Nick], [Hug Sarah], [Hug Sarita], [Hug Rebecca], [Punch Troy in the dick], [Shoot Carver in the head], [Hug Alvin], [Hug Christa]... no hugs for Carver though.

    Oh, and when Reggie touched her head: "Don't pat me" and then a death stare.

  • braces for downvotes

    I would hug Carver. Not sure how he would feel about it though.

  • Carver: (looks down) "What... the fuck are you doing?"

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    I upvoted you because... Why not!

    Now that you say it, a [Hug Carver until he dies by suffocation] would be quite cool actually!

    Jokes appart, it would be funny to see his reaction after a surprise hug. Maybe he was mean because no one hugged him and MAYBE after you hug him, he becomes the sweetest man in the universe... Maybe not...

  • Carver: I thought you said nobody was here.

    Clementine: There isn't, I farted.

  • Luke: "Dammit, if y'all are serious about goin' tonight, then we're gonna have to start talking about maybe... leavin' some folks behind."

    Clementine: [slaps]

    Sometimes actions speak louder than words.

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