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You got a thick fuckin' skull, Kenneth.

Main points to back this up.

1) You defend his ass no matter what and you still have to convince him to help you find Clementine. (Episode 105)
3) Does not think plans through. Kenny would probably get everyone killed if he was the leader.

  • This is the 5th hate thread directed at Kenny this week. Looking forward to the next one!

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      CrazyGeorge BANNED

      It happens when Kenny fans are overly obnoxious.

      • What's up with the Kenny fans anyway? It's okay to like a character, but the "OH MY GOD POWERFUL STACHE ULTIMATE POWERFUL BOAT DRIVER 2014" is just plain puerile.

        • I'm a Kenny fan simply due to his brush demeanor and rash action. Minus the amazing stache, he gets shit done without bullshit, and he's a family/friend man. He's hardly afraid of anything and won't lie down without a fight.

          In my eyes, he's the person you'd want to have a couple of beers with and be with in real life.

  • I agree 100% but it's a real unpopular opinion for some reason. I will never understand why people love his character so much, as the answers I always get are so lame "his stache/beard"

    • I like him because:

      • He put Ben out of his misery/Saved Christa.
      • He took the blame for the radio, which made him get his ass kicked. If Clem was the one who gave the radio up, what would've happened if Carver beat her the same way he beat Kenny?
      • If you chose to "protect alvin" or "Kenny! Luke! Stop this." Carver grabs you and holds you at gunpoint, Kenny gives himself up.

      To be honest, I couldn't give less of a shit about his facial hair.
      He's a fuckin' jerk, but as I've said, he has done some good things during the walking dead.

      • Yeah, Kenny let's two people get killed and it takes Clementine to get him to stop.

        • Yes, why should he have tried to save them? What an evil man.

          • Yup', cause his "master plan" was really working after Carver (who obviously had the upper hand in the conflict) took Walter out and executed him IN FRONT of Kenny.

            But, just keep acting reckless. Because it IS truly reckless.

            • Shooting Johnny WAS reckless, but it did offer something that almost made up for it: an opportunity to kill Carver. If Kenny had gotten him right in the face then Walt's death would have been worth it. It certainly wasn't one of Kenny's finer moments, but at least he was trying.

              • I know his intentions are good, but Kenny needs to have a plan when it comes to things like the ski-lodge incident.

                • On this we can agree. He also needs plans when it comes to things like escaping. He's not the sharpest tool in the shed, which is something I don't think many people disagree with. His plans are so stupid sometimes that they're hilarious, such as his strategy to escape the truck. Hopefully getting his eye beaten in helps with that. A little brain damage certainly won't do Kenny any harm, considering the brilliant strategies he's come up with to this point.

        • If Clem choses to "Protect Alvin" or "Kenny! Luke! Stop this." Carver knocks Alvin out and holds Clem at gunpoint, therefor, Alvin survives. He didn't "want or let walter get killed" but he was stupid enough to get him killed while trying to protect the group. Kenny needs to learn that there are consequences to rash actions.

        • Or Clem having to tell him "Think about Sarita"
          Honestly I feel like Kenny is the most selfish character beyond him taking the blame for the Walkie.

    • Actually, I didn't like Kenny in season 1, but now that he's back in seaon 2 I like him a lot more. Not that I necessarily like him personally, but he's an interesting character and I really want to know how he's going to turn out.

    • He does good things and bad things, some of them determinant, some of them inalterable. But no matter what you do and how you get along, he's the one who goes through all of S1 with you and Clem. I think that's the main reason people feel so attached to him no matter what. You meet him at the barn, 15 minutes into episode 1 and you don't separate until his supposed death in "No Time Left".

      Lilly stabs you in the back if you spare her and kills a member of the group no matter what. Everyone else you meet in ep1 dies along the way, even the ones who were popular with the fanbase like Carley. Ben tags along since ep2 and lasts until ep5 but he's an awkward, clumsy teenager who doesn't really do much. We barely get to know Molly, Omid or Christa and, while many of us have gotten to like them, they were never as developed as Kenny.

      Basically, Kenny, with all his flaws and all his virtues, is Lee's companion from day 1, and the bond you form with him, good or bad, is considered by many to be the second most important after the one you form with Clem.

  • Guys come on he means that his skull is strong cause he is standing after he hit him so many times. He means it literally not in any other way.

  • Kenny is shortsighted and stubborn? Brilliant observation, Captain Obvious.

  • I like Kenny but he definitely has his strengths and his faults.

  • I think everyone is forgetting that every human being has flaws. You can tell me your favorite character and I can name flaws that they have. Wouldn't you think it would be boring if Kenny was always the goody goody in the game, that always did everything right? This is why he has flaws, and ill admit he does get a little hot-headed sometimes, but I know he has a heart made out of gold and he would do anything to protect the people he cares about. Feed me your downvotes if you want, but it's the truth.

  • well hes not preaching anything now is he.......cause he has no face

  • Yes, Kenny definitely has his flaws and sometimes he can be a real jerk. But doesn't it make him look real?

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