Christa has not had much screen time.

  • Episode 3: we see her for about 20 minutes. (1/6)

  • Episode 4: she's there the whole time. (1)

  • Episode 5: she's in this episode for about. (2/3)

Season 2

  • Shes in this episode for about 15 minutes. (1/6)

So basically she's been in 2 episodes overall and has been with Clementine longer than anybody. Pretty much everyone in the cabin group has been in the game roughly about the same time as Christa & Clementines only known them 6 days. Kenny was gone for more than 16 months and he was pretty much only missing 2 episodes (All of S2E1, 1/2 of S1E5 & half of S2E2)

I'm not complaining, but I feel like I have way more of a connection with Christa than a lot of the others even though she doesn't have that much screen time. And it's just really weird, it feels like she's in a lot of the episodes. (Technically she's in 4) I hope if Clem gets reunited with Christa it's not at the very end of the season.


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