If you could be any character from season 1 and 2...how would you change the story?

For example...

If I was Lee from season 1 episode 4....I wouldn't gone after Clem and get myself bitten.
Again, if I was Lee...I would of punched Ben for betraying the group in episode 2 season 1.

what about you guys...?


  • You wouldn't have tried to save Clementine at all? I'm not judging, but I'm curious about this. Why not?

  • Well..i would...just that I wouldn't go alone...meaning i could have saved myself from getting bitten

  • Um, he got bitten picking up the walkie talkie.

  • well..okay yes..from picking it up...but point being...i wouldn't end up in that situation...

  • If I was Clem then I would never have gone with the stranger at the end of season 1 episode 4. Lee wouldn't have been bitten and we'd all be living happily ever after on a boat.

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    You talk like she just went happily with him.

    C:"Hey, stranger!"

    S:"Hi, want to come with me?"

    C:"Sure why not? Let me just put my hat in the floor and the Walkie Talkie and the corner right there."

  • Yeah but she snuck out into the garden without telling anyone in the group where she was going. I don't know if the stranger convinced her through the radio to leave the house or if she was just in the garden unaware that the stranger was there.

  • Well first off, if I were Lilly: I WOULDN'T F*****G SHOOT CARLY!!!
    Lee and Carly had something going right before.. before...

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    I would have been Lilly, and I wouldn't have shot Carley. I also would have been more vocal against going to Savannah as she was standing near Lee and Glenn at the end of Season 1 Episode 1 and heard that the town was a a disaster level 9. I also would have agreed with Kenny that the Motor Inn was running the end of its course and we need to leave to find a safer place.

  • I'd be Ben

    I'd be useful

  • If I were Troy, I wouldn't have been a massive colossal asshole.

    Pretty much, they should've made Troy more of a guy who was unsure of Carver's decisions but had an abrasive personality, rather than a guy who was just a dickhead.

  • The Stranger didn't convince her to come. He likely distracted her with stuff about her parents, then nabbed her the second he got the chance.

    The more I think about that the more fucked up it gets. He just fucking steals little girls and puts them in closets? What the hell?

  • If I were Carver in Season 2, I would have been around for more then one episode so I could show everyone my true badassery and evilness.

  • If I were Kenny, I'd have told Katjaa to take Duck while I helped Lee try to free the guy who my kid just ran over.

  • But then again, we would've never made it to the pharmacy if that happened.

  • Oh, sorry if I sounded rude. It was supposed to be a joke. :/

  • If I were Michelle

    I wouldn't try to steal from anyone and i would try to join up with omid, Christa, and clementine

  • this point here would have saved the group lot of troubles..

  • I find it interesting how people in this thread how they would react if they were certain person....

    If I was sarah...I would shut up...season 2 episode 1-3

  • Omid. I'd go with Clem in the bathroom so when Michelle comes in, I don't get shot like I did in Episode 1 and Clem is protected. I might also do Carver and find a way to stay alive longer. They both died too early.

  • It's ok I didn't think you were being rude :)

  • I would be Kenny and talk more about boats and call everyone who annoys me either an urban or shitbird.

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