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TWAU Steam error?

posted by HerosWIll on - Viewed by 883 users

So I bought this game like a week ago from the steam sale,great game btw. But yeah,I tryed to play it again cause I haven't finished the fourth episode and it gives me a message saying this..."This account does not have access to this game" Really? I just played it a week ago. So I was wondering is there a way I can fix this?

PS I already re-installed it still no go.

  • Bought at the same sale. Still working fine.
    Don't you have a firewall program that might be locking the game to communicate with the authentication server?
    Might have blacklisted TWAU between plays.

    • Yes and no it isn't locking my game I've already checked if it was.

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        TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

        Can you please clarify if you have any other Telltale Games that you have purchased from our website? Also, can you please clarify if you receive this message after uninstalling and reinstalling, and then restarting both your computer, and your internet access?

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