• Here's the way I think about it:

    If you don't cut off the arm, Sarita will die. If you do cut off the arm, Sarita might die. Cutting off the arm is Sarita's only chance at living, however slight those odds are. Even if the odds are as low as 1% chance to live, it is still better than 0%.

    • Yeah, I liked her. It's sad that telltale decided to make her die. (If not by cutting or not cutting off the arm then some other way if she's determinant )

  • Either way I think she's dead. If you cut her arm off, it's likely she'll pass out from pain or bloodloss, and even if she does survive she will have an open and festering wound. And on the point of the axe infecting her, I highly doubt that it would circulate. Killing the walker would probably give her a better chance of surviving. She can walk and move and has a better chance of getting to a safe place for an amputation.

  • IMO If you dont cut it and wait, it will be Lees situation allover again.
    We saw two situations. Lee - amputation after hour or so. And he turned.
    Reggie - fast cut after few seconds. He did not turn.
    And i dont think that we would be able to find "clean" tool to amputate her hand fast enough.

    So if you kill zombie it is 100% chance she will turn. If you cut her hand, she has slim chance that she will survive.

  • I think it would be cool if she actually survives when you don't cut her arm off. It would be a good way to trick the player, you think your making the right decision by cutting off her arm straight away but your actually making it worst.

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