Can Bonnie save Sarita?? [Picture In Link]

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Click on the link and you'll see a picture of Clem, and Bonnie behind her with her backpack on.


  • I really hope so :(

  • Uh, what?

  • I thought bonnie had a different backpack on...

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    I think that we'll have to deal with Sarita immediately and we won't have time to find Bonnie, because she'll bleed out/end up infected. It looks like it's daytime when we meet up with Bonnie again so even if she did have the right supplies it'd be too late for her to help. From the next-time preview I can gather at the end of Episode 3 the group is split up into four separate groups:

    • Clementine, Sarita and Jane

    • Sarah

    • Luke and Nick

    • Bonnie, Mike, Kenny, Rebecca

    I think this because we see a couple of scenes in the preview where Jane and Clementine are on their own (Sarita is nowhere to be seen to hide her fate) and they meet up with Bonnie, Mike, Kenny and Rebecca later on. There's a cut voice line where Kenny yells "I can't get to you!" showing that they're separated.

  • without some help from carver guard i think she can't

  • The scenes where Jane and Clem are on their own, they are clean and not bloody anymore. When they show the entire group at the beginning of the preview, all of them are bloody... I'm assuming most of them meet up at some point and get cleaned up?

  • My prediction is that Mike is going to do something to help Sarita. When Reggie talks about how Mike amputated his arm, he says "it's like he'd done it before." It seems like the guy has a career in handling chomped limbs.

  • Who knows, maybe TTG was trying to throw us off or something by mixing up character appearances in the scenes.

  • Oh yeah, that's an interesting thing to point out. Maybe Mike's been carrying a blowtorch in his back pocket.

  • That's true. You can't really trust the previews, at least fully.

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    I feel like if you don't cut off her arm, they'll escape the herd and Mike will cut it off when they get somewhere safe. But by then, it might be too late?

    I have a feeling Mike will get to show off his limb-chopping skills at some point in the game.

  • I have a feeling Mike will get to show off his limb-chopping skills at some point in the game.

    Imagine if it was self-amputation. That would be pretty awesome.

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