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Anyone else find season two not as fun to replay?

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With TWD Season One and TWAU, I'm always eager to replay an episode with different choices and I highly enjoy doing so. However with season two for some reason I just don't feel much like replaying and then when I finally do I don't end up enjoying too much. Does anyone else feel this way?

  • Sadly, this is the feeling I have with all three. But, with TWAU it's mostly because I've already replayed it 3 times.

  • I think S2E1 has been the biggest offender when it comes to replaying an episode. After you get separated from Christa at the start of the episode, I find the game slows to a crawl when Clementine is by herself, wandering through the woods (up until you meet Pete and Luke). Once more when you're sneaking through the cabin and stitching up your wound.

    You spend a lot of the episode isolated and for me, TWDG is at it's most enjoyable when you have characters to bounce off of.

    • Yes, I think group dynamics are the lifeblood of TWD. I actually enjoyed the atmosphere of some areas and setpieces from All That Remains, but damn does it get dull. Paradoxical, don't you think? An episode in which a lot goes down ends up feeling a little dull because of being alone.

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    Unfortunetly you're right, as much as I enjoy the season 2 story, they dont exactly make me crave to replay the episodes like season 1 did.

  • I think I would be willing to replay it whenever it becomes nostalgic... and if there's a season 3.

  • I only replay them like 3 times after they get release...xD

  • So this is most likely going to be an unpopular opinion but I love replaying season two. Even though I wish the episodes were as long as season one's were, it makes it easier to replay it. If you only want to replay a specific part, you don't have to play through so much afterwards.

  • I honestly don't get a big feeling from Season 2, atleast not as much as Season 1. The episodes feel a lot shorter and lacking content (Where did Clementine and Co. actually go so far, by Episode 3?)

    S2 - Bathroom - Woods - River - Campsite - House - River - House - Ski Lodge - Compound.

    S1 - Freeway - Woods - Clem's House - Hershel Farm - Macon Streets - Pharmacy - Motor Lodge - Pharmacy - Motor Lodge - Road - Dairy - Motor Lodge - Road Out - Train - Trainstop/Ministation - Outside Savannah.

  • I didn't replay any of Season 1. I kind of wanted to... preserve my story, if that makes any sense. It had such an impact on me that I'd never gotten from another game that I didn't want to desensitize myself to it. To be fair, though, I played Season 1 after all of the episodes were out, so there was no wait time between episodes for me. If I had been a fan when they were actively being released, it may've been a different story.

    But Season 2 I've replayed a few times. One time to get screenshots, one time to get Pete's watch and go through the story with that so I could give it to Nick, and one time wasn't actually me, but my brother playing on my Steam account.

    I like Season 2 in a different way from Season 1. I think there've been a lot of great moments in it as well. But like I said, it's a different kind of love.

  • I enjoy season 2, but I know what you mean. The differences that your choices make in season 1 and The Wolf Among Us, while minor, are noticeable. In season 2, nobody really changes how they treat you based on how you treat them, so It makes replaying the episodes and exhausting your choice options less fun.

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