Mouse Issues, Season 1

So I decided to re-do season 2 because i forgot which one was my real one, I copied my data from one of my completed files (up to S2E3) and skipped back and clicked the button "Restart Episode" for S2E1, however in the previously on the walking dead i noticed none of my choices lined up with what i chose in season 1 so i had to re-do season 1. my mouse is fucked up and whenever i mouse over play game i cant click it, i notice if i move my mouse over in a different direction i can click it even thought the mouse isnt over the thing im trying to choose, now this was fine but i noticed when i got to the drugstore and had to look for a way into the pharmacy, i couldn't leave after Clem hurt her finger and i talked to Carley and picked up the photo etc. my screen wouldn't even scroll over all the way to the door to leave, even though i completed everything in the room, whats up with this? anyone have this issue?!

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