DLC characters involvement in S2

So far we have seen a couple of DLC characters in Ep. 3 (depended on who you were able to convince in the DLC to come with you). The most involved one is of course Bonnie, but who else do you think is going to make an appearance in S2? I have a feeling we are going to run into Eddie and Nate - and with Nate it might not end well...


  • Oh i hope we would run into all and get more into detail with them. I mean that is what everybody wants and that is also what was announced, or am i wrong ?

  • I hoping Eddie and Nate will come back. There the only 2 that aren't determinant so it will be easier for Telltale to bring them back compared to the main dlc characters. They were probably my favourite 2 characters from the whole 400 days dlc.

  • I'm hoping if we get Eddie, then there will be means for a return of Wyatt. Maybe Wyatt has given up on finding his friend, but I don't think Eddie has. At least I hope not.

  • I think all the characters will play a role. I doubt Telltale would flesh out these characters in 400 days just for a quick buck and small cameo in S2. I just hope they bring something good into the story.

    Maybe the 400 days group is our real group for S3 (if there is one) and the Cabin group is semi-filler.

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