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Do we have to stay mad on Lilly?

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  1. Season 1 started two years ago.
  2. Lilly is not a monster for killing Carley/Doug there are people out there that are much worser.

I know it isn't much but I see still hate comments and wanted to talk about that downvote me all you want.

  • I'm really sorry bro but uhhh...:

    1. You're right, it was two years ago but it's about time we move on and stop bringing it up. I understand you want to justify what Lilly did but it's all in the past now, we're in season 2 with new faces and new places.
    2. Of course there are obviously people who are much worse than Lilly, but she still did a terrible thing that pissed everyone off.
  • Lilly killed Carley I can never forgive her.

  • Am I the only one who doesn't want her to return? I feel that her story arc is finished and just because you don't know someone died doesn't mean they'll definitely come back. I just think its a bit too unrealistic to have her come back.

    • Maybe, but Kenny's return has proven that it really doesn't matter one way or the other whether your story arc is "finished". TellTale can just bring you back on a whim. Ditto the unrealistic nature of his return.

      Personally, I'd say she deserved a return a lot more than Kenny did. His arc had reached a conclusion because TellTale kept him around and made his story a big focus. Lilly's arc was cut short because TellTale thought she was going to become her comic counterpart, but then Kirkman messed that up. Not really a fair shake for Lilly's character.

      • Except Telltale had planned from the beginning to bring Kenny back. Remember? They deleted all of his death audio and announced way before the first episode came out that his fate would be explored.

        Personally I feel Kenny should be it for returning Season 1 characters, if too many characters come back the game will start to feel incredibly contrived and fanservicey and Kenny was brought back because he was the main link to season 1 besides Lee. Lilly wouldn't be able to serve the game in the same manner unfortunately. Also, Kenny would never allow her to return to their group if he was around, he wouldn't be so happy about hanging around someone who randomly shoots people and while Kenny did kill Larry, at least he had a good reason to do it.

        • The fact that there was death audio at all kinda proves that his story was deemed done, but they apparently changed their minds due to reasons of pleasing the fanbase. I didn't mean that TellTale decided at the last possible second to bring him back, just that they can undo what seems like an obvious death scene whenever they want, which is what they did. Anyway, this also has nothing to do with my main point, that lack of death audio or not, his story was done. It didn't need a continuation.

          Kenny was brought back for the fans and nothing more. There doesn't need to be a "main link" to season 1 to begin with, but if there had to be, then Omid and Christa sufficed just fine. Kenny hasn't brought anything to the table currently other than a familiar face, which, again, was not needed to begin with. Lilly would have served just fine in the exact same position, given how little Kenny's return has truly impacted anything in the plot (sure, he keeps getting pushed to the forefront, but his season 1 story has actually had no meaning this season outside of him mentioning Duck, and his escape from Savannah was completely glossed over, so his return doesn't actually mean much at all), and would actually have been more interesting given the nature of her departure from the group.

          • It was a full death scene and characters were in worse situations Comic Spoilers like Tyrese in the Gym. Kenny could of easily survived both situations.

            • What little I know of that scene is that Tyreese was in an open area and would have much more space to move, regardless of being cornered, unlike the alleyway which was packed with walkers on both sides. Also factor in that Tyreese was an imposing guy and very strong, something Kenny is not.

              I can believe Kenny would survive the building in the Christa scenario because of how much more space he has. But the alleyway escape would require such insane luck that shouldn't really happen to a character in a world that is supposedly bound to so much painful reality that characters die every other second to show how dangerous the world is.

          • They apparently did a version where they killed him off but the writers were conflicted on it and decided to leave it open-ended like that so they could bring him back if they wanted to. It wasn't' to please fans, otherwise they would've killed him off and brought him back after fan demand. When I first played No Time Left, I knew immediately that they had future plans for Kenny.

            Christa and Omid didn't really see the majority of Lee's decision making. Kenny has though.

            I would find it weird if both Kenny and Lilly showed up. If it was one or the other that would be all right but having every character from season 1 make an appearance would feel weird and contrived.

    • She was supposed to be Lily from the comic book. But Kirkman ruined that over a book that sucked ass. Kirkman should give the rights to someone else cause his comic book is so stupid.

      Lily pretty much has no purpose for the story anymore.

    • I understand what you mean, but the comics pull this shit all the time. I feel if there is a nice place that everyone is going to I would bet Lily would know and she'd be willing to give it a chance.

  • I'm not mad a her, but I don't feel the need to see her again.

  • Hell yea I am sure still mad about her killing Carly, if Doug I won't be that mad since Doug saved Ben, still I am mad either way, I would forgive her if she realized what she did was wrong

  • Edit: Forget it. This forum obviously can't take a joke. I was just trying to make something funny out of this thread.

  • You can give this a ton of dislikes. But I'm not that mad at her anymore. I would be happy to see anyone from the old group, hell, even LARRY.

  • If she returned I'd still be mad at her but I'd give her a chance. She could be a useful group member

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    Kennysucks BANNED

    People forget that Kenny was no hero either, he got mad because i dont just kill people, i try to save them and Larry was alive a second before kenny murdered him, when at the st johns, we had a plan to jump danny and when kenny saw me about to get shot he just watched and Lilly saved me, Kenny was also willing to let a girl suffer for his gain, well i guess he groups gain but even after a shot her and we had to leave faster, he agreed we still got lots of stuff

    • Personally, I think it's better if we judge Lilly and Kenny separately. I know you had to pick sides in S1, but that's over. I noticed your post is almost entirely about Kenny (you mention Lilly once), but what do you think about Lilly's actions?

    • I actually agree with most of the points you made. Kenny ass kissers and and Lilly haters downvote away, but just know but I like them both equally.

  • If she looks like she changed and is sorry about what she done. Otherwise.. Hell no..

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