The Wolf Among Us season finale - coming soon

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The Wolf Among Us season finale key art

The Wolf Among Us season finale, Cry Wolf, is coming soon! Stay tuned right here and to Telltale Games on Facebook and Twitter for more details to come.


  • Please give us a sneak peek.

  • then the retail edition will be out in august or september?

  • Wait....isn't it Walking Dead's turn?

  • finally it's real Wolf

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    So is this the definite last we will see of TWAU, or can we wait patiently and hope for a S2 and/or DLC? This game is amazing and I am truly to going to be sad when its over.

  • Man I want season 2 with FABLES VS MUNDIES

    Instant buy

  • It's good to see Bigby's wolf form will be shown. At first I was disappointed with the werewolf form, it didn't look right and it seemed they wouldn't be bringing the wolf version in. I even thought they were considering "it" to be the wolf form. But now I'm excited to see it's gonna be in it! And I appreciate the werewolf form more now as well. Excited to play!

  • But...but what about Walking Dead?? That's great and all, but...Clementine...Walking Dead...c'mon!

  • Whup, nevermind. Twitter feed person says this month is Walking Dead. Great to hear! I will await during the next week. Not with bated breath, but most certainly the week after I will be waiting with bated breath.

  • Nice! I hope this is Bigby's "full form", looks awesome! Looking forward to the episode!

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