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A couple of 8BiE glitches (costume items)

posted by Yellowtail on - last edited - Viewed by 457 users
Oh, here's my glitches
I cant wear my costumes outside of the photo booth in extended play! Why come?
When I try to get the ghost that's near the photo booth, he doesn't show up! (fixed this one)
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  • Not being able to wear costumes outside of the photo booth is as designed in this episode. It just broke waaay too many things.
  • Will;105633 said:
    Not being able to wear costumes outside of the photo booth is as designed in this episode. It just broke waaay too many things.
    Now I can't run around as Stinko-Bad-Geresque-ia. (a costume I made.)
  • Is this the same for the Wiiware version?
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    HoboStew Telltale Staff
    Unfortunately, ya. There were so many special scenes in this episode that didn't play well with the costumes, so we had to axe wearing them outside the photobooth. Sorry!
  • Dang, how am I supposed to Talk Bartender without a pixilated hat?
  • Well, that stinks. I kinda wanted to have Strong Bad run around with Stinkoman's hair, Dangeresque's glasses, and the ripped jeans, so that he resembles Travis Touchdown....sort of.

    But, wait! If you made a second season, maybe THOSE costumes will carry over into the next episode. That'd be pretty cool.
  • No, for a second series, those costumes would either not be present, or be auto-unlocked, or not be present.
  • Will;105633 said:
    It just broke waaay too many things.
    any plans on fixing this in the for the bonus dvd? i guess fixing might not be the right expression, since it was more or less on purpose.

    btw, is had a lot of these missing eyes bugs in this episode...with all kinds of stuff missing: peasants, fire, one of the algebros. not a big deal though..
  • Hey Wisp, could you send a Dxdiag? We actually put in a fix for the missing eyes in this episode and have since been completely unable to reproduce it in-house. So far you are the only person I've heard from that is still getting it, so I wonder if there is something special about your system or if it is an edge case that didn't get fixed.
  • The missing texture bug was never just the characters eyes (although it was the most common form) many other "flat texture" based objects also (and still) vanish on occasion (even in episode 5) fires, 8bit characters, the UI background, rave lights, etc.

    While I cannot recall exactly what disappeared in episode five, I do recall being annoyed with it once again, but I had grown to ignore it after four months. :rolleyes: (Also, my DxDiag was posted several months ago in another thread, with no change since then.)
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