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What are you Morals/Ethics in the Zombie Apocalypse?

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I'd say I'd be a relatively good guy, but it's kinda hard to say that because good and bad in the zombie apocalypse is a really grey area, but here's a list of some rules I have concerning Ethics/Morals

  • We don't kill people, unless its 100% necessary (Bandits attacking the motor inn) or if it's a mercy killing. ( the girl at the motor in in S1E1 and the girl in the streets in S1E3)
  • We don't let people die if we can stop it.
  • We don't leave people behind
  • I'm kind of a Jane. Survival is #1 on my list.

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      Kennysucks BANNED

      So you'd even leave friends and family to die if it would save your own ass?

      • Let's be honest here: Jane doesn't even know these people. They aren't family, they aren't friends. She doesn't have any obligation to them. Family and friends are a different story.

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          Kennysucks BANNED

          Well i know but if surviving is #1 on your list then survival would be above family/friends

          • In a ZA, I may not have any friends and family left. If I do, they go above survival.

          • In a ZA I might not have any friends and family left. If I do, they go above survival.

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              Kennysucks BANNED

              ah okay, well your better than some people I know, some people I know are purely about survival, over anything else, including family/friends

              • there's a good chance those people die fast in a world like that you need someone to watch your back and if your out for yourself no one will trust you or help you.

                • But what if that family member or friend turns out to be your biggest liability? The one making stupid actions, putting the rest of us at risk, wont contribute to the group, perhaps emotionally or psychologically lost it?? Would you continue to keep that family member or friend in your group simply out of loyalty even if they were constantly putting you or the others at risk? I agree it would be absolutely hard to leave them behind or shoot them, but does being loyal to them mean you have to accept that they will proably get you killed?
                  I would put survival as my #1 priority and do the best I could to keep those I love and trust with me, but I will not simply allow myself to die just because my friend is my friend or my brother is my brother.
                  I think questions like the topic of this post are difficult because we all have the luxury of safety now to talk and think about our answers, but if we found ourselves in an actual zombie apocalypse, our entire way's of thinking would have to change. What may be unthinkable right now, may become a common norm during the apocalypse.
                  Right now, no one would see a family having a campout, go in, shoot them all and take their food and supplies, but if during a zombie apocalypse, that would be a very common survival trait if people are desperate enough.
                  In an ideal situation, people should band together, work together and do what they must to survive like trading with others, sharing and helping fellow survivors, but the truth of the matter is, that wont be the way of it.
                  People will do absolutely anything and everything they have to to survive and provide for their own regardless of the morals or ethics. Those who choose to remain moral will most likely be the victems of those who dont care about anything else other than survival.

  • We dont become cannibals

    1. don't become cannibal like @Rylee said.
    2. don't leave family/friends behind (unless they get dangerous)
    3. Don't kill alive people (unless bandits trying to rape you or stealing food)
    4. Help people on your way!!!

    You do this and you shall survive!!

  • Don't kill unless you must.

    Don't steal unless you must.

    Nobody gets left behind (within reason)


  • I see yall talking about badass and emotionless i guarantee you it aint that easy. Ive done over 9000 tests about apocalypses and i stay a realistic and no risk taking survivalist just like Christa. No big group no women no kids no elders no cities. If i have to save someone to get myself in trouble i would pass it. See it as coward but its not. The Governor said lots of wise things about heroic people. Heroes die. You cant be a hero and live. You have to make a choice, I like Christa's ideas.

  • My Rules of a ZA
    -Don't leave family/freidns behind
    - Be nice to those around you, they may return the favour
    - Dont kill unless needed
    - Dont be a cannibal

    • What if a herd is coming and your grandma cant walk?

      What if people constantly make you mad and you are surrounded by zombies and constant problems? Youre gonna stay nice?

      What if your people are dyin and you come across a camp with people and food? You just gonna ask em?

      What if your dad is dying and you got no food? You aint gonna make some meat out of his tasty legs?

        1. give her sleeping pills if possible, or shoot her
        2. Yell at them, but why shoot?
        3. Yes, ask and offer something in return
        4. HELL NO!
        1. ask my dad to carry her (if not possible, just shoot her)
        2. I'd scream with everyone
        3. I would ask, but I would steal if I really needed to
        4. ABSOLUTELY NO , Gosh :( I rather starve.. Kill a squirrel or something
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        Kennysucks BANNED
        1. I pick her up and run and do whatever i can to protect her, if i cant, i say my goodbyes and shoot her so she doesn't suffer
        2. Yes, just because someone ticks you off, its no excuse to let them die
        3. yeah, they'd probably let us in or at least let us go on our way
        4. that's fucked up so fuck no
        1. All my grandparents are dead so no problem there.
        2. I'm good at reasoning with people. We can work something out.
        3. Scout them first to see if they seem friendly. If so, then I'll try bargaining for supplies.
        4. If it came to that and his legs were literally the ONLY food available, then I'd have to, so yeah. He'd understand the necessity of it. Unsure if I could keep it down though.
  • my morals/ethics will be changing as time passes and as survival becomes more difficult
    Alt text

  • -My rule's are keep moving, always.

    -Keep the "fire" inside you burning.

    -And be as good a person as you can.


    For real though, I'd be a more moral survivalist. If you've got skills, you're in but if not, you can learn from those who do have skills. Friends and family before others. Always.

  • Situational Ethics. For those who don't know, situational ethics is the moral system that many Christians agree with and use, or disagree with and don't. Whilst I'm an athiest, 'situational ethics' is how I've always played Telltale Games.

    Bassicacly it depends on the situation whether it's worth helping somebody or not. Mostly Situational Ethics is about helping people, and depending on the situation, finding ways to help them. However the moral system in these games is so difficult, I can't help everyone (Which seriously bothers me. I know it makes sense, you can't really just go and help/save everyone, but I'm just that type of person. This is why the deaths in which I could have tried to stop or prevent, especially determinants make me so damn sad.)

    So yeah. I of course try and protect the weakest (Sarah and Rebecca) motivate and be kind to the friendliest (Nick, Alvin, Pete, Luke, Kenny, Sarita,Bonnie) and help the strongest (Everyone but Sarah and Rebecca).

    • Theoretically Christians shouldn't be using situational ethics, there are some pretty clear rules which must be crossed under no circumstances. In Christianity, those of faith would adhere to those maxims, and if one's own death should arise from those circumstances, it means nothing, since the faithful go to Heaven. After all, Christianity is most famous for its martyrs (including Jesus).

      Not Christian, just saying, that's how I understood the deal [albeit, again to my understanding, a largely Protestant interpretation].

      • Yes many Christians debate amongst each other whether they should use 'situational ethics'. Jesus used in the Bible, but at the same time there are rules in the Bible that are sinful. So it's quite a complex issue.

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