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    Obey, it's harsh, but it's also logical, leaving the animal Fables roaming the streets would be dangerous and could reveal Fabletown, think of what you would do if you met a talking pig, or badger.

  • It didnt suprised me she is so sharp now. It's war after all, and more or less, it will be just better for other Fables to just diappear until this thing calm down. I even agreed to send Toad to the farm. I can imagine it could kill Toad (or any other Fable) in E5, if I didnt send him there. It's logical, how Mind said.

  • It's actually Fabletown law, not a mandate by Snow. It also a damn smart law to have.

  • It's Fabletown law, the reason you didn't see it enforced in the earlier episodes is because of the murders, Snow is trying to let it be known that she will be cracking down on the unglamoured Fables like it or not.

  • Booooo bitchy Snow. Booooooo.

    My Toad is getting a glamour with Crane money, and Colin stays in my apartment 24/7. They cause no problems. What is the issue are these "goblins" and "talking ravens" that the Crooked Man employs (as said by Jersey).

    • I wouldnt say Toad is not cousing problems, but It wont solve itself just by him baing glamoured. Tahts the main problem why i think Snow wants him on farm. You have to also calculating with fact its big pressure on her. She feel some kind of responsibility. Thats why Bigby is there. To decide, if she is right in every single situation or not.

    • Colin doesn't stay in your apartment 24/7. Colin runs around town living it up as much as he can before getting sent back to The Farm. What is the point of leaving the farm out of boredom only to confine yourself in tiny shithole apartment?

      Toad is fucking shitheel. Toad wastes his money on cars rather than providing glamours for himself and his family. Toad flaunts his defiance in your face. Toad lies to your face and shit talks behind your back. Toad is a bad influence on his kid. Giving him cash isn't helping Toad, it's enabling Toad.

      • I'd rather have him be in a car than walk around unglamoured, plus, put yourself in his shoes.

        These glamours cost a shit ton of money and the price keeps rising to keep it up, and he's low on money, dependent upon a rental building. Here comes Bigby, throwing the fucking tenant out the window and making a huge wall that Crane had plastered, only to have it chipped away. Out of cash with a shit living space and an unrentable area, he simply can't afford a glamour. He puts living first, just walking outside and socializing isn't a necessity.

        • A fancy car isn't a necessity. A glamour is a necessity if he wants to continue living in the city to drive a fancy car.

          If he at least buys glamours for his son, I'd have more sympathy.

          • That is not a "fancy" car.

            • Hell yeah it is. That was an 80's sports car. The game is set in the 80's. Toad has huge boner for cars. It's the cause of his conflict in his backround tale.

              • If anything now it's crushed to shit, making that a bit of a moot point. Toad's a little bigger an issue than Colin (who's essentially the same as Bufkin, point brought up by XxTheHungerGamerxX), and would be a major problem if that spell wasn't cast over the mundies to make them less observant.

                Keep in mind this isn't Grendel, he's an easily concealable 3 foot toad leaving in rather shitty unpopulated slums whose inhabitants are too busy pedaling drugs or dying to bother noticing.

                • No, it isn't a moot point. Toad is the type of guy that buys new cars for himself before buying glamours.

                  Keep in mind that the law about glamours is about the survival of Fabletown. The toad who thinks himself too good for the Farm is not exempt because he's stealthier than a 400 pound monster. Colin isn't exempt either.

                  • Again, discussing the game, we have yet to see what he does with the dosh.

                    Alright Snow, the law's in place to not be seen. His body type coupled with the observancy spell renders him well suited for the occasional stroll when he needs it. Also, the wad of cash wasn't enough to purchase a new car, again making that a moot point.

                    • It's like saying a heroin addict is cured because you flushed his stash. He may buy glamours that very day but the underlying problem is still there: he's an irresponsible dick. It's actually a foregone conclusion that things don't work out for him.

                      "Suited for the occasional stroll", even if true, which it isn't, does not exempt him from glamours. Fabletown is pretty damn serious about protecting their secret and they're not wrong.

                      • Besides which, he is living at the Farm at the start of the comics, so it's kind of a moot point. No matter what choices the player makes, Mr. Toad is gonna go to the Farm.

                      • That's more relatable if we crushed his car.

                        This is of course implying people will ever find out about Fabletown, which nobody notable has except for that one journalist/reporter who noticed they didn't age, and was taken care of.

    • Colin stays indoors 24/7 and so does Bufkin.. why don't snow send bufkin to the farm then

      • No, Colin doesn't stay indoors 24/7!

        Bufkin is literally irreplacable.

        • The one hour he's outside, you forget he's a pig. He's not stupid enough to talk to mundies, and pigs are common enough animals, even in cities. Better than seeing a green flying monkey or a three foot toad.

          • No. Colin stays outside all day, causing mayhem all over Fabletown. He's a pun-intended party animal. He only crashes in Bigby's apartment. It's not where he actually spends his time outside the Farm.

            • Keep in mind we're discussing the game's current state as a prequel, I can't argue for him as he's inevitably beheaded in the comics.

              If Colin was starting shitstorms then, we'd know.

              • Again, his stated reason for leaving the Farm is boredom, and you think he spends his time away taking naps in a tiny, mostly empty apartment?

                He escapes so he can bum a cigarette or two and some bourbon from Bigby during the hour BIGBY is at home?

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