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Would say Kenny killing ******* was right?

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Would say Kenny killing Carver was right?

Ordinarily, I'd say no.
However, with how dangerous Carver was, and that if left alive he would just come after the group again, he was to dangerous to be kept alive.
So, it's not like there was a lot of choice in the choice in the matter.

Here's a couple of ways I see it.

Whether or not Kenny made the wrong choice.
I think Kenny did what had to be done.
Carver needed to die.

If I was playing as Lee,( if he had survived season 2 and all), I would've killed Carvers myself.
Although not like Kenny did.
Rather I would shoot him in the head and be done with it.
That way, Carver doesn't suffer, and all the ones that Carvers killed are avenged.
Not to mention the fact it's more humane.

The other way I look at it is....

After Carver murdered Walt, I think Kenny, from that standpoint, was justified in killing Carver.
There was no need for Carver to do that.
And afterward, Carver had that murder, and later on Reggie's murder, plus possibly dozens of others to account for.
"Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth!"

So after everything is said and done, I think Kenny was right.
However I did not enjoy seeing Kenny killing him so brutally.
A simple gunshot to the head would've sufficed.

  • I thought it was wrong, personally.

    Yeah he was a big douche and he killed Walt, but i thought he should have been tied up and left to the walkers or something.

  • I thought it was inevitable and he deserved it.

  • Yes he needed to die but they could have just shot him in the face they spent too long dragging it out. I dont just mean the beatdown they all stood around talking about it for 10 minutes first

  • Yes, he deserved it. For all the lives lost, for all the lives ruined by this man, he deserved it.

  • I think the extremes Kenny went to was wrong. It was in their best interest to make sure he couldn't follow them or hurt them ever again but like I've said before, what Kenny did had nothing to do with that. That was all about revenge and wanting to take back control after feeling so powerless for so long. It would have been best to either shoot him once and then leave or tie him up and leave him to the walkers. Seeing Kenny that way, as much as I love him, made me feel uneasy.

    • You're correct.
      Kenny's killing Carver was all about revenge, nothing more.
      Had it been about Walt and the others, Kenny would've said so.
      However even if Kenny had said that, you'd have to doubt the sincerity of his words, given what happened to Kenny personally.

      In some respects honestly, I cannot really blame Kenny for getting revenge, nor wanting it.
      Not after how Carver partially blinded and disfigured him.
      After all, that damage is permanent.
      There's no way he'll ever get his eye back.

      If someone had done that to me, I'd want revenge too.

  • heck yeah it was right, i view not killing carver as an amoral thing to do and a misservice to the world, i do object to the way it was done, though, one bullet in the forhead could do, also i don't think kenny should have been the one to do it, rebbeca would be better, i think

  • It don't have to be that brutally,I mean just one gun shot will still do right?

  • Killing him was right, but they way he did it and his reason for doing so was wrong.

    He put Carver down in a sadistic way (presumably) because Carver took his eye. It's understandable, but not an acceptable reason to kill. He should have been killed for what he did to Walter and Alvin, or so he wouldn't continue to hunt the survivors down. The way he did it was also objectionable. Kenny had a gun, he used it to kneecap Carver twice, so obvious, he could still use it.

  • My subjective opinion is it was just a barbaric display of savagery. And I think Kenny is a heathen.

    But, I'll try to separate "right" from "wrong" (just this once). Carver should've died, he was obviously evil. He knew it, everyone else knew it. And when he was lying there waiting for Kenny to split him in half, he was so prepared. It's almost as if Carver was waiting for someone to kill him.

    It reminds me of Apocalypse Now, actually.

    • yeah i think you used the word Heathen incorrectly, you really should keep your bigotry to yourself..

      • Heathen- "An uncivilized or irreligious person."

        Please keep your ignorance to yourself.

        • yeah thats not what Heathen means, not being of the 3 monotheistic religious groups Christian, Jewish, or Muslim, does not make one not religious or uncivilized...

          • I know the history of the word. I also know in modern definition, it also applys to "uncivilized behavior, or lacking culture."

            And I know that punctuation is key when trying to sound "smrt, lelz."

            As I read, I see around four punctual errors. D+.

            • the history you think you know isnt correct, the modern definition of Heathen is someone not of the monotheist religions that is its historical context. the definition you chose to use, is derogatory, i dont expect a apology matter of fact i hope you keep this argument going so everyone here can see what you actually are :)

              • Words can have more than one definition, isn't THAT crazy? I learned that in, what, second grade?

                Also, in first grade, I learned that you should capitalize the first letter in a sentence. Especially when trying to get your "point" across and make your opponent look like a "bigot."

                In any rate, I've grown tired of this squabble. Look up "heathen," you may be suprised to know there's a few definitions to the word.

                • Ok, I've had time to cool off. So, I apologise for being a dickhead earlier. I do not apologise for using heathen to describe Kenny's actions in that scene though, in fact, I still stand by that.

                  Just please try and understand I do not appreciate when somebody insults my intelligence, it REALLY irks me. Your definition was correct, as was mine. So, I'll leave it at that.

                  • After reading this discussion, I have to sympathize with you in some respects.
                    I do not like my intelligence to be insulted either.
                    And if a person insults my manhood, or my family, they're in for a peck of trouble!

                    However, over the years, I've been teaching myself to respond in a more dignified way, when it comes to insults like these.
                    Even though those types of remarks have a lot of sting to them.
                    When someone would insult me like that, I would immediately start having a shouting match with them.
                    However, I'm trying to be more calm, when responding.

                    And when it comes to family, the way I feel about it is, "You got a problem with my family, you got a problem with me buddy!"
                    But I digress.

                    I'm happy to see things were resolved.

                  • so in other words you dont apologise, lets just stick with you being a dick-head and leave it at that..

                    • With all due respect, since I'm the one who created this forum, let's please try to keep things civil.
                      I did not create the forum so people can fight with, nor insult one another.
                      I created this forum, so we could calmly discuss a subject, about a questionable moral decision, made by a videogame character.

                      So I'm going to ask, that we please put our differences aside here.
                      As you can see, he's trying to end things in peaceful manner.
                      So let's let bygones be bygones.

                    • Ok, it's never been a problem before.

                      • It's ok.
                        If people have different opinions and wish to debate them, that does not bother me.
                        Sometimes I rather enjoy a good debate, especially if it involves an intriguing subject.
                        Just as long as mutual respect is shown.

                        • saying their should be mutual respect does not mean their is mutual respect, i called a bigot out on their remark. ClemInTime not only didnt apologized for it but they reiterated their bigoted stance then has the audacity to say that we should be mutually respectable towards each other.

                          • Even is someone doesn't like the way another person said something, that doesn't mean a person has to get rude with them.
                            Nor resort to insults.
                            Someone who is truly tactful, does not resort to such things.
                            And by not doing so, not only shows respect towards the other person, but also shows self-respect.

                            Now I cannot make anyone show respect for anyone else.
                            But what I can ask is for people to at least be civil.
                            And since I'm the one who created this forum in the first place, I do have a right to ask such.

                            And now, with all due respect, let's drop it.
                            And move on!
                            Like I said before, let's let bygones be bygones.

                            • no thanks, i will continue calling bigots out on their bigoted behavior. and you didn't create this forum white knight; you created this thread..why are you even jumping into a conversation you dont know shit about? your making excuses for a bigot to continue their bigotry, is that the type of person you are?

                              • I meant to say thread.
                                And you're correct, it was not my conversation, and I in hindsight, should not have gotten involved.
                                And I apologize.

                                But I also respect him for standing by what he believes to be right, as doing so takes inner strength.
                                And also the fact that he apologised for getting ill-tempered.
                                And plus, everyone has their own opinion on something, whether people agree with it or not.
                                That's called individuality.

                                And after all, Kenny is only a videogame character.
                                Not a real person!
                                Even though I like his character, and will defend him and why I like him, I don't start calling people bigots and whatnot.
                                If I disagree with what they're saying, I'll do so, giving the reasons why, but still doing so in a civil and respectful manner.

                                Even though this was originally cause there was a disagreement over the meaning of what a certain word meant, the principle of not needing to resort to insults when disagreeing with another person, still apply.
                                And I stand by that principle.

                                Plus, this thread that I created, was not asking about a videogame character persay, nor was it asking about proper word definition, but rather was asking a question regarding a questionable moral decision.
                                And how ones see it.
                                Do they believe it was right/ necessary?
                                Or not?
                                And seeing why others felt the way they do.

                                But anyway, back to the Carver incident.
                                The fact that Carver provoked Kenny into killing him, shows just how evil he really was.
                                He knew that doing so, Kenny would be playing into his hands, cause Kenny would be stooping to his level.
                                Carver wanted him to do so, as he knew he would be taking Kenny down with him, morally speaking.
                                That is totally demented!

                                Kenny, before then, had never killed out of revenge.
                                Yes he had killed to survive, but that is a different reason all together.
                                Not saying that Carver did not need to be killed.
                                But the reason why Kenny did it, raises highly questionable moral implications.

                                Though that is not to say Kenny is a bad man.
                                After all, Rick tore a guy's jugular vein out with his teeth, to save his son.
                                And he's still trying to do the right thing.
                                So I have a feeling, Kenny will still try to do the right thing, while being brutal when he to be.

                                • apparently your not even reading the thread that your posting within, ClemInTime did not apologies about her bigoted remark. matter of fact she re-iterated her stance then apologized for being a dick-head. in other words shes sorry she got called out, not sorry for her hateful remark. the fact that you pop up at the same time she drops out and now you've become her mouth piece leaves anything you say highly suspect. im just curious how her hand feels up your ass, i hope she used plenty of lube..

                                  • And apparently neither are are you.
                                    In the beginning, Clementime calls Kenny a heathen.
                                    But then you immediately respond with calling her a bigot.
                                    That's a huge insult!
                                    And I cannot blame someone for getting upset by that.

                                    Clementime later commented that, "I've had time to cool down, and apologize for being a dickhead earlier."
                                    That would encompass any ill remark made.
                                    But yet, still stood by her original description.
                                    And was willing to let things go.

                                    You however, continued stirring the pot.
                                    And that's when I chimed in, cause honestly there's no reason to keep doing so.
                                    Just like Walt did with Kenny, Luke and Nick.

                                    And now, you are getting rude with me.
                                    I've been respectful towards you.
                                    Never once cussing at you, or insulting you in some way!

                                    I've tried to end things peacefully.
                                    Even trying to change the subject.
                                    But you keep harping on this!
                                    If you cannot drop this, even after what I've tried to do to end this peacefully, then quite frankly, you're the one with the problem.

                                    Now I'm done.

                      • I wanted ask you something?
                        If you wouldn't mind, would you please mind reading this conversation, up to my last response, and please give me your honest opinion?
                        Thank you.

                        • Of course. NumNum seems quite angry with my remarks about Kenny's barbaric actions displayed quite promptly in the scene I referred to earlier. I hold no ill wills toward him/her, even though he/she obviously holds some towards me. I refuse to go any deeper discussing the definition of heathen, however. My definition was correct, as was theirs.

                          Now, he/she seems to be directing his/her attacks at you cause I've "got my hand up your ass?" I highly suspect he/she is only continuing this argument for attention, he/she will not get any from me any further than this post.

  • Carver deserved to die I just think Kenny went a little overboard.

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