Would say Kenny killing ******* was right?

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Would say Kenny killing Carver was right?

Ordinarily, I'd say no.
However, with how dangerous Carver was, and that if left alive he would just come after the group again, he was to dangerous to be kept alive.
So, it's not like there was a lot of choice in the choice in the matter.

Here's a couple of ways I see it.

Whether or not Kenny made the wrong choice.
I think Kenny did what had to be done.
Carver needed to die.

If I was playing as Lee,( if he had survived season 2 and all), I would've killed Carvers myself.
Although not like Kenny did.
Rather I would shoot him in the head and be done with it.
That way, Carver doesn't suffer, and all the ones that Carvers killed are avenged.
Not to mention the fact it's more humane.

The other way I look at it is....

After Carver murdered Walt, I think Kenny, from that standpoint, was justified in killing Carver.
There was no need for Carver to do that.
And afterward, Carver had that murder, and later on Reggie's murder, plus possibly dozens of others to account for.
"Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth!"

So after everything is said and done, I think Kenny was right.
However I did not enjoy seeing Kenny killing him so brutally.
A simple gunshot to the head would've sufficed.



  • I thought it was wrong, personally.

    Yeah he was a big douche and he killed Walt, but i thought he should have been tied up and left to the walkers or something.

  • I thought it was inevitable and he deserved it.

  • Yes he needed to die but they could have just shot him in the face they spent too long dragging it out. I dont just mean the beatdown they all stood around talking about it for 10 minutes first

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    Yes, he deserved it. For all the lives lost, for all the lives ruined by this man, he deserved it.

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    I think the extremes Kenny went to was wrong. It was in their best interest to make sure he couldn't follow them or hurt them ever again but like I've said before, what Kenny did had nothing to do with that. That was all about revenge and wanting to take back control after feeling so powerless for so long. It would have been best to either shoot him once and then leave or tie him up and leave him to the walkers. Seeing Kenny that way, as much as I love him, made me feel uneasy.

  • heck yeah it was right, i view not killing carver as an amoral thing to do and a misservice to the world, i do object to the way it was done, though, one bullet in the forhead could do, also i don't think kenny should have been the one to do it, rebbeca would be better, i think

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    It don't have to be that brutally,I mean just one gun shot will still do right?

  • Killing him was right, but they way he did it and his reason for doing so was wrong.

    He put Carver down in a sadistic way (presumably) because Carver took his eye. It's understandable, but not an acceptable reason to kill. He should have been killed for what he did to Walter and Alvin, or so he wouldn't continue to hunt the survivors down. The way he did it was also objectionable. Kenny had a gun, he used it to kneecap Carver twice, so obvious, he could still use it.

  • My subjective opinion is it was just a barbaric display of savagery. And I think Kenny is a heathen.

    But, I'll try to separate "right" from "wrong" (just this once). Carver should've died, he was obviously evil. He knew it, everyone else knew it. And when he was lying there waiting for Kenny to split him in half, he was so prepared. It's almost as if Carver was waiting for someone to kill him.

    It reminds me of Apocalypse Now, actually.

  • Carver deserved to die I just think Kenny went a little overboard.

  • Of course Kenny took it over the line. But Carver needed to die, as Lee would say: "The world's got enough evil in it."

  • You're correct.
    Kenny's killing Carver was all about revenge, nothing more.
    Had it been about Walt and the others, Kenny would've said so.
    However even if Kenny had said that, you'd have to doubt the sincerity of his words, given what happened to Kenny personally.

    In some respects honestly, I cannot really blame Kenny for getting revenge, nor wanting it.
    Not after how Carver partially blinded and disfigured him.
    After all, that damage is permanent.
    There's no way he'll ever get his eye back.

    If someone had done that to me, I'd want revenge too.

  • He probably destroyed the brain after the first swing, so
    I don't think he went through a lot of pain

  • I like how you put that.
    The reason he did it was wrong.
    Carver needed to be put down, but by Kenny.
    Kenny was already to emotionally involved.

  • Usually I'm the type of person who thinks that death isn't the answer but with Carver I personally think he deserved it!

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    You think being eaten alive by walkers is a better way to die? Dude...

  • carver wasn't even a human...not a slightest bit of humanity.....
    I chose Clementine to stay and watch this bastard die...I'm afraid in episode 4 she'll be more ..... aggressive...
    I had a feeling that telltale intensionally did this to destroy Clementine's remaining ethics...or humanity part of her....

  • No it was wrong. If you would like me to provide a full depth answer then just tell me.

  • Please explain your answer.

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    If Kenny had not killed Carver, he would come back to capture the group once again.

    Now, about Kenny killing him in a too brutal way, it was a personal thing, Carver had blinded Kenny's left eye for fuck's sake, and Kenny didn't forced anyone to watch.

    So yeah, I don't think it was wrong at all

  • no killing is not the answer taking lives is not the answer it will haunt you afterwards and make you change just like lee said he did deserve to be beaten up badly and then be left for the walkers because when kenny killed carver i know he will change from it and become more darker

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    Alright Porky :).

    In this case I'm calling him William, because that's his first name.

    For me killing is bad no matter what. No matter how necessary, I would try to avoid killing. William is human like you and me, he's not a monster, he's a mortal human. We make mistakes, we... Stray from the path, but that doesn't mean we end it. Life is a precious thing, and taking it away from somebody is horrible. We don't know what lies beyond death, so we must cherish life as it lasts. No matter how bad a person is, killing isn't right.

    I will always forgive him, because forgiveness is a good thing. I would hate not to be forgiven. We don't know the full story of what happened to William. He could be mentally challenged, a complete psycho, something may have happened to him as a kid, a traumatizing event, or it's just the way he is. You can't change people from what they are, so you have to accept them.

    If we kill him, we're no better then him. If we spare him we risk him coming back for us, or doing the same thing to other people, but morality would stand in my path. I know a lot of bad people, and I honestly hate a lot of people in real life. I hold grudges, and cling on to anger, but that doesn't mean that I would kill people. All humans make mistakes, and have done wrong in some way or the other, nobody is clean from doing something bad, or stupid. Nobody's perfect, and you can't take one's life because they are so imperfect.

    I want people to find it in their hearts to forgive him. He's not the worst, but he is pretty brutal. The way Kenny killed him was definitely brutal, and was so unnecessary. I tried to agree with Luke to let William live, but this sadly was not an option. Maybe Telltale is forcing Clementine to see the horrors of reality, and she'll grow to be as hardened as Christa. I don't want that. I want her to hold on to hope, no matter how far away it seems. Morality comes first in my play through, and I left the room with Sarita.

    Its the apocalypse and killing you're own only makes more of them out there, and less of you. Humans need to stand together to defeat the zombies, not against each other. This will never happen though. "It's the living you gotta worry about." And that's the truth. There's no stopping whatever the people will do in the game, as they are making the problem even worse.

    Every human is good be it inside or out. People can commit sick deeds, but in the end they're still human. I know I've repeated this human thing, but what I'm trying to say is we are imperfect. I know many might judge me for saying what I did about William, but there's no changing my mind. He's not a monster. Sure he's a video game character, but he is still a person in the game, not some animal.

    "You gotta consider him a living person. He ain't a girl, he ain't a boy, he ain't smart or strong, he's alive."

    Of course in my faith we are taught to forgive, so maybe that's why I feel this way. But I'm glad I do forgive him, and would let him live, because its what I feel would have been right. If I was in that situation I probably would have brought him along. Thanks for reading.

  • We couldn't have left him or else he would have chased us again, but what Kenny did was wrong

  • in this world is there no good or bad killing him just made sure he could never hurt anyone ever

  • Damn Blades that was very well written. :)

  • Yes, Carver needed and deserved to die. The only gripe I have with the way Kenny killed him was that it was quite slow, and we didn't have a lot of time. Other than that, I'm fine with what Kenny did.

  • Carver proved with Rebecca that he will hunt you till his last breath making him inescapable so for me he has to die it's the only way to guarantee safety from Carver and once he laid a hand on Clem it was game over for me

  • Dayum interesting read I really cool and honorable morals you have Rage :D

  • I appreciate the reply! You and Porky deserve an applause!

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  • Nah man you deserve the applause for taking the time to explain your answer in a very mature way!

    Alt text

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    I'm the only one who thought it wasn't barbaric or overboard. Every last shot and hit was justly deserved. If anything, his death should of been more torturous.

  • I can't really argue against the way Kenny killed Carver since I'm sure with my temper I would have probably been just as brutal if not more

  • I would have shoved the crowbar in Carver's bullet wounds to get him to shut up and stop telling Clementine that she was like him. Then I'd smash his head in

  • I don't know whether to consider it right or wrong, but it was an act of revenge and anybody would want revenge if they were forcefully put into Carver's camp and beaten down like that.

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    And had their friend killed

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    Kenny killing Carver was the right thing to do. That bastard had to die for all the things he'd done, and to prevent him from doing them again in the future. However, Kenny should have just blown his brains out instead of bashing them in with a crowbar. The only problem I have with Carver dying is how Kenny elected to end him.

    I still don't feel sorry for him, though, even though I would have just shot him myself. Carver deserved what he got, and I have zero sympathy for that tyrant. And I find it hard to blame Kenny after everything Carver put him through in such a short time.

  • Though his death was too soon IMO, he definitely deserved it. He kidnaps people who "strayed from the flock" and forces them to work all day or he will kill them or beat the hell out of them, he tortured Carlos in front of his own child, he killed Walt, he killed Alvin, he smacked Clem to the ground, beat the holy hell out of Kenny almost to death and making him lose an eye, and he pushed a man off of a roof for "being weak". Carver was a psychotic man that needed to be taken down

  • He deserved to die, I'd say, but Kenny went overboard. I honestly think he should have just shot him in the head, instead of wasting some bullets shooting Carver in the legs. The way he went about it took too much time when they had none to spare.

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