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Where is "Redcoat Ghost Patrol"?

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First off, thanks for having three microgames.

The problem is I can't find Redcoat Ghost Patrol. Where would that game be located?

EDIT: Never mind, I found it.
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  • Even though you found it, there's probably someone else that needs the info, so I'll answer for any potential askers.

    In the field (near the cool car, the photobooth, and Strong Badia), occasionally one of the Spirits of '76 redcoat ghosts you avoided from the House of Strong will pop up from behind the bushes of the edge of the area, i.e. where Trogdor's running around. Use the Light Musket by right-clicking on the ghosts to get 100 points. 800 points is the minimum needed for green.

    The easiest way I found to do this is by warping to the cool car, shooting the ghost, then warping to the cool car again (while still there) to respawn the ghost. The one by the car seems to come up automatically, and because of the warp point, you have time to equip the Light Musket before he comes up. Shoot that little guy 8 times, and boom, you're done.

    Oh yeah, make sure you miss him once to see The Cheat laugh at you Duck Hunt style. I snickered at that one.
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