New picture by Puzzlebox (Laura Perusco) on Twitter shows a new fable in the middle of some header thing. Who could this fable be?



  • Dunno about you but I'll take a guess and say it's Spring Healed Jack.

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    One in the center
    One in the center
    I think it is Bloody Mary because of the tattoo on her hand

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    It's most probably Mary. The pants along with the shirt do seem to match.

  • I think that these things sticking out of the body are shards of glass, so... maybe it's Bloody Mary's true form, the one she uses when she attacks Mundies? :)

  • Maybe, they included Jersey Devil so it wouldn't be random if they included Bigfoot or something. That's why I think it's Spring Healed Jack, he's a skinny bastard and he looks like a devil. His figure looks kinda devily.

  • I think the bottom picture is of Mary. I looked up the 'spring heeled jack' and the image does show similar characteristics to the picture. It could be Vivian as well....

    I STILL believe she is glamoured and Bigby might be facing her. Plus, the picture showing her with Georgie and she appears to be taking off the ribbon. Think this might be her way to remain 'glamoured.' Georgie looks like he is either dying or about to pass out in one!

    Oh man! I can't wait to find out!

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    Let's analyze these piece by piece.

    • Georgie look as if he's injured and holding a wound on his lower chest.

    • Vivian has some appendage on her ribbon, most likely a finger about to remove it, and they're somewhere else. Wind theory, but Nerissa shot him and Vivian directly shows Bigby what happens when the ribbon is removed.

    • We've seen the Werewolf Bigby on the car, I posted in another thread that Vivian was in it due to the hairlines. Perhaps a failed escape lead them to the 1st picture.

    • Not much to say about the 3rd picture.

    • 4th has a collapsed Bigby, it's unlikely he was shot by another silver bullet here. Could very well be the beginning of a fight, and Dee has a decisive face on him. Maybe he'll punch Bigby if you killed Dum, or refrain from fighting if you spared him. Note Vivian's stance, she isn't going to attack the Wolf.

    •We fight a yet to be seen Fable. The mark on the upper arm is similar to that on Bloody Mary's lower arms. Looks as if it'll be a vicious battle, that glass an inlaid feature.

    Alt text

    •Last one was analyzed in a previous post. Same revolver as Mary, is in a different location, (isn't the church) 99.9% chance it has "A Silver Bullet" in it.

  • I have no idea how you got Georgie being injured from that picture. It looks normal to me...

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    All of that sounds brilliant, especially the idea of Nerissa shooting Georgie and Vivian showing Bigby the 'truth.' :)

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    You are so sure she is glamoured, huh pie? That might be the case; with this game so far, you never know anymore! I think the CM scene might be him trying to kill Bigby. His plan was ruined, Mary and the others defeted, now he wants a go at it. How will you react IF Georgie is killed off? :(

  • Damn! What the hell is wrong with Bloody Mary? I bet she is going to look scary as shit.

  • Yup. :) That is the beauty of images and things like this. I love seeing people's different ideas and theories behind them. Now I starting to think the creature is Mary but you never know. As far as Georgie, nothing will change. I'm still a huge fan. :)

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    I am confident that it is not, take a look at my new edited post, just scroll up.

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    Yeah. Looks like blood were his hand is.

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    What if who Bigby is fighting IS Georgie Porgie? 0.0

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    I doubt it, Jones. Last time I checked, Georgie Porgie did not need a glamour. It would be awesome but not in this situation. Still want to believe its Vivian that needed a glamour. She HAS to be...why is here name on the board with spells?

  • The same reason why Lilly, Faith, and Nerissa were. The sealed lips spell has some sort of upkeep.

  • Yeah but I don't think her ribbon had the spell. She said 'my lips' instead of 'these lips are sealed' which leads me to believe her ribbon does not have magic but there as for show or something else.

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    Ugh, that image of Bigby on his ass is worrying me. He has every major suspect in the same place, and if the stakes are high enough then there's absolutely no reason he can't take everyone in that room at once, and easily at that.

    The middle image thingy is pretty obviously BM, yes. It seems a bit cheap, though. Our only inkling about her combat potential at the first meeting was her confidence and the fact that she thought to bring a silver bullet. It grated a bit that we were supposed to consider her a serious threat after that, especially to the point of Bigby having nightmares about her, but at least her database gave her some genuinely terrifying powers. Throwing in a cool monster-form on top of those just for kicks doesn't really feel necessary, though.

  • theres even an achievement in this episode called the silver bullet

  • how do you know its not mary?

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    Look at the picture literally 5 posts above.

    Edit: I was wrong, it's definitely Mary.

  • Wat.

    It's clearly stated that the ribbon is the means of control and the speech impeding spell.

  • But it looks like Mary.

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    • Mary has none of those markings on her left outer arm.

    • The shirt is far too small.

    • This mysterious other Fable isn't wearing Mary's belt.

    • From pantline to thigh, the length is far off.

    • Mary rolls her cuffs up they're so long. These are ridiculously short.

    • The shirt appears a little concave, or as to not have breasts in them.

    Unless this is some really rough stripping gone wrong, it's not Mary.

    Edit: It's Mary.

  • I guess you're right but the right arm of the fable is not shown so we'll have to see in the trailer.

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    Even if it is, Mary does not have a marking on the outer left arm. I reckon it's something very similar to a Mary.

    Nobody's brought up the one from the phone call to Beast/Beauty yet.

    Edit: Mary.

  • So you reckon it could be the caller who we heard talk after the Beauty and Beast ad?

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    Edit: The trailer made me wrong as fuk. It's Mary.

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    That was the Jersey Devil on the phone though... I'm guessing it could be the Crooked Man or maybe Jersey again. Though, whoever it is, seems to have quite alot of shards in them. Might even be Bloody Mary if she tried to teleport and Bigby smashed the reflection so she's forced to fight him hand to hand.

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  • I think pudding_pie means that she phrased it differently than everyone else, which implies she's saying it voluntarily and made a mistake.

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    Sure, because your voice sounds exactly the same over the phone as it does in person. Especially in 1986 where they had amazing phones. Even if it was a different color it doesn't mean much, they changed the color of the Stranger in TWD the same way.

  • Intense violence, blood and gore, sexual themes, partial nudity, strong language and use of tobacco. Anything we're missing here? xD

  • It could be the caller from episode 4

  • Yeah and the mirror shards.

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