Trailer and release dates for The Wolf Among Us season finale

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The season finale of The Wolf Among Us, Cry Wolf, will be arriving for download next week!

  • Tues, July 8th - PC/Mac worldwide, PlayStation North America
  • Wed, July 9th - Xbox 360 worldwide, PlayStation Europe
  • Thurs, July 10th - iOS App Store worldwide

Don't miss the trailer above if you've already caught up on the season so far. This one is a must-watch!


  • do we know time when it will be released? like 19:00 PDT?

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    I'm pretty sure its unhealthy to be as excited as I am now...

  • Im really hyped now. Tell me there will be S2!

  • Awesome! I'm really excited to play this episode, and I'm glad to see a full wolf form.

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    Glad to know I'm not the only one hoping for one.

  • That was AWESOME, but now im worried Bigby is going to die from the crooked man or Bloody Mary I hope not.

  • He won't that will go against canon

  • I'm really enjoying this game, it's so much better than The Walking Dead Season 2.

  • Can we expect foreign language localizations in a not too distant future?

  • This is awesome that we're getting it so soon. Can we expect a Walking Dead release within close proximity as well? :)

  • I really hope this lives up to the hype unlike episodes 2 and 4.

  • The Wolf is coming.

    And then Walking Dead. Seriously. Don't you dare sneak Borderlands in.

  • I really hope so. I've been missing it quite a bit. It's crazy that TWAU is already finished.
    But I would like to finish TWD too... :|

  • telltale you should definitely make a game on the Brian K Vaughn comic book "y the last man" it would go extremely well with the style of games you guys make and i'm confident it could be a big hit.

  • you guys are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome that was a amazing ending you guys need a prize reallly :DDDDD

  • I finished the last episode and got all Book of Fables throughout all 5 episodes and got all previous achievements but the Full Moon, where it says I need to get all achievements in all episodes. Any one else have that problem?

  • This episode is one of the bests.

  • I LOVE these games ! They are so much fun! I hope they make another Back to the Future ! The concept for a wolf among us is so awesome !

  • Mind if I ask when will the collector's DVD be available?

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