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Characters Wearing Clothes?

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In Homestar Runner there is never-ending confusion about certain characters - are they wearing clothes or do they have strange coloured skin? :p The characters that fall into this mystery are Strong Sad, Coach Z, Bubs, The Poopsmith and Homestar (pants only)

Evidence for these characters being clothed:

Coach Z: Shapeshifter shows Coach Z tucking a $100 bill into his "sweat-sweats"
Bubs: in The Process Bubs mentions tearing off his shirt, in Homestar Ruiner he claims his green stripe is "a weight-loss jiggle belt!" and in Baddest of the Bands and Dangeresque 3, Bubs mentions getting naked (ew).
Strong Sad: In 8-Bit Is Enough, Strong Bad mentions Strong Sad running around "all-naturele". In Halloween Fairstival, Strong Sad's upper body is the same colour as his face. Also, his brothers are human enough for the "need" to wear clothes, if you know what I mean, so Strong Sad presumably is too.
Homestar Runner: In Homestar Ruiner it is confirmed that Homestar wears pants.

Evidence against: When they go swimming, they don't seem to take anything off. Strong Sad's bellybutton is visible all the time. Homestar's pants (or lack therof) don't "poof away" at the Senior Prom.

What do you guys think? :p I'd say that Bubs is wearing clothes, Coach Z isn't and Strong Sad is. I think I'm overthinking this a bit. :eek:
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  • It's clear that Bubs wears clothes, and none of the Homestar Runner characters take their clothes off when they swim. Not even Strong Bad.

    Coach Z obviously wears clothes. He's too creepy not to.
  • Teeth;105909 said:
    I think I'm overthinking this a bit. :eek:
    I'm agreeing with that part.

    Who cares if Coach Z wears clothes? He doesn't even have a mouth!
  • I think Homestar sometimes wheres pants that look like his legs in the first place.
    My proof: in Hmestar Ruiner, if you look real closley during the close up of homestar's case file, It shows a picture of Homestar naked, sbut he looks the same just shirtless. The fact that you can take Homestar's pants proves that he weres pants and the picture of him naked proved his legs look like his pants. Ok. Now I'm overlooking this.
  • My verdict:
    Coach Z: No, that's fungus.
    Bubs: Yes, there are too many ways to say so, like the reasons above.
    Strong Sad: No, he obviously isn't wearing pants, and he is occasionally seen wearing a shirt.
    The Poopsmith: I'm not even going near that one.
  • I think that Homestar doesn't wear pants, but that all of his nudity is underneath his shirt. It certainly makes sense, doesn't it?
  • Mr opinion of the standard character costumes:
    Homestar - shirt and shoes... no pants but he's in denial about it
    Strong Sad - naked :O
    Coach Z - green full body suit plus his cap
    Bubs - orange/green/gray clothing
  • Strong Sad admit to not wearing clothes in that blog he made a few years ago.
    Now I'm banned from 'Soiled Bargains.' It's cool though. I kinda don't wear clothes.
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