• Maybe she knows the truth about the ribbons?!

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      That they decapitate the wearer? We already know that. http://americanfolklore.net/folklore/2009/08/the_yellow_ribbon.html

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      She helps run the club with Georgie because he likes her and doesn't make her take clients, so I'd say he trusts her enough to tell her everything. She is also seen at the end of Episode 4 on the couch behind the Crooked Man when you enter his castle. So, she must at the very least know what is happening, either way she has a ribbon. We also see Georgie wounded in the header of Telltale's header image so I'd assume you can force her to take the ribbon off to find out what happens and Georgie tries to stop you. Then, she probably tries to escape with wounded Georgie ,and you chase them in the car. The thing is, she also has a ribbon so even if she did it or knows about it, all we'll get out of her will most likely be "These lips are sealed". Although, there must be some way to break the spell I'd assume, maybe that's also one reason she tries to escape, so she doesn't have to tell Bigby the truth.

    • I thought everyone who wore a ribbon would know the truth about the ribbons...

  • Because she killed Georgie.

    I would be pretty pissed if a dude put a head slicing ribbon around my neck.

  • It's not just her in the car. If you look close, when Bigby lifts the car you can see Georgie's hat. They are probably headed to the Puddin' and Pie since in the trailer they appear to be there. Maybe they'll help Bigby since they are working on the same place as Faith and Lily were and have that whole ribbon thing going on.

  • Maybe she is just going to buy some cheese nachos but Bigby doesn't like them so he tries to stop her.

  • Just because there is no one in the car shown in the trailer, it doesn't necessarily mean that that will be the case in the released episode. They have edited out certain characters from certain scenes in the trailers in the past, and they have probably done it in this one too to hide some things

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    She was involved with the murders. Mary, Vivian and CM are REALLY behind it all; think Georgie, Jersey and the Tweedles are just pawns in this chess game.

  • She was in The Crooked Mans mansion thingy. Maybe while Bigby is killing everyone in there, she just runs away

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    If you pause at 0.58 you can see the back of Geordies hat so I think both if them are trying to escape, bigby either catches up to them or finds them at the pudding and pie and georgie is injured in the process while giving information to bigby, there was blood on the couch and he is holding his side like a wound.

  • She won't escape! I'll kill that motherfucker!

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