The Crooked Mans Origin + The Wolf Among Us

So does anyone notice that the 'Crooked Mans Origin' story as displayed on his windows mirrors his role in the 'Wolf Among Us'?

Look here.

Alt text

The first window (all the way to the top left) shows the Crooked Man walking, whilst clearly having little to no material possessions implying that he's poor.

In the game a lot of Fables are poor due to lack of support from the Fabletown government as well as lack of jobs in the city. So we can presume the Crooked Man was one of these Fables, and this gives him a motive to begin his empire.

The second window (top centre) shows him gaining or discovering wealth, which we can presume means he managed to make enough money for him to be proud of in the video game.

The third window (top right) shows him befriending a cat and a rat. Notice however that his wealth (the diamond) is gone. This shows that in the game, this is him further building his empire by hiring other Fables. However the cat and rat symbolise specific Fables.

A cat is normally said to be cunning and manipulative, so this represents Bloody Mary. As she is cold, and harsh as cats are normally portrayed as whilst also managing to be cunning and even somewhat manipulative.

The rat can actually be mistaken for a mouse, and this is on purpose. This represents Tweedle Dee and Dum. Why? They go sniffing around Fables for evidence, property, debt, etc. Whilst also having a somewhat innocent appeal such as a mouse (This is shown when Flycatcher tries to convince Bigby that the Tweedles are actually nice people, when it's clear that they're not).

Other Fables such as George, and The Jersey Devil aren't noted since they don't hold as much importance to the story or Crooked Man as the Tweedles or Bloody Mary do.

The final window (at the bottom) shows the Crooked Man standing proudly alongside his cat and rat, in front of a house. This is to show he's worked hard and built a real empire, from which he and the other people he clearly cares about can be happy and suffice in the harsh world set around them.

Now I know I clearly read way too deep into this, but I liked finding ways of connecting the Crooked Man even further to the story of The Wolf Among Us. What do you guys think of my connections?


  • I think it's meant to show the poem he is based off;
    "There was a crooked man, and he walked a crooked mile,
    He found a crooked sixpence against a crooked stile;
    He bought a crooked cat which caught a crooked mouse,
    And they all lived together in a little crooked house."

    I don't know though, I just picked it up because I played a RPG horror game called 'The Crooked Man' and that's what it is based on

  • Yes, I know the origin story and I know that's what the windows meant. But I meant how the Crooked Mans original story can be linked to his events in the Wolf Among Us.

  • This is a great find I never thought of. Nice work.

  • I hope so, otherwise it would mean Telltale didn't think this through cough cough.

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