Interactive Fanfiction: The Road Ahead.

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I know, I know. There's already dozens of Fanfic's on this forum already, but I thought I'd give it a shot to write one while we wait for Episode 4 & 5. WARNING: I'm not sure if this Fanfic will be good or not, I have a general idea for the beginning but as I go on I'll probably just wing it.

The story will be in the point of view of Rachel; a 20 year old studying architecture.
The setting will be in Texas, though the setting may or may not change eventually.

Create a character: Don't reuse a character from the game, comic or TV show! Create an original character please.

I'll eventually close submission box if it gets too full, but I doubt it will get filled

Living Characters: Cynthia Andrews, Margareth, Lucas Jackson (L.J), Bianca,

Characters waiting to be introduced:

Dead or presumed dead: Isaac Luckman, Zaphaeus, Fredo, Cameron Campo, Charity, Kyung-Soon Choi, Eddard (Ned), Trent, Martin, Samuel Mason, Joe Brecker, Audrey Delgado, Milfred Mcrob, Brent, Judy Vinnie, Matthew Andrews, Emily, Bridgit, James, Mike, Lars Gafner Robin Kramer, Roger Fallon, Tony Carson, Selena Carson, Anton, Tim

I'll try to have your character introduced as soon as possible. Thank you for joining by the way!

Edit: Oh gosh, I misspelled Box. ;__;

Please write your characters name in every question you answer otherwise they wont be entered.



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