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Am I the only one getting the episode 5 update??!!!

posted by Xenos on - Viewed by 922 users

I just got on my xbox and it days "download" on episode 5: Cry Wolf....
But it's not letting me download... maybe there's a glitch... it also says "The item you are buying is subject to usage restrictions. You can use this item on the first Xbox 360 console that you download it with. Access to this item will also be granted to all users on this first console. If you transfer the item using a memory unit or other storage device, you will also be able to use it on other Xbox 360 consoles, but you'll need to sign in to Xbox LIVE with your Xbox LIVE account on that console before accessing the item."

maybe this is the wrong forum... but I'M SO EXCITED!!!

  • I'm sure there are people getting the encrypted content, but it'll unlock on the 8th. Calm yer tyettiez.

    Practice punches for when we fuck up Bloody Mary.

  • I had the same thing on my psvita, I got an update saying walking dead episode 3 but never download it then download a week later.

  • This "error" has happened to both TWD and TWAU after the mis hap with TWAU ep 2. I believe the problem was that the episode did not install onto the miscrosoft network properly thus making it unavailable to download, so ever since that, they added it to the servers earlier so this problem wont happen again. This is just what I think, but it seems pretty reasonable and smart.

  • it did it to me its ready but its not out yet

  • Yea its a glitch that happens from time to time.

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    OzzyUK Moderator

    This is a glitch, it will show that episode 5 is available to download but it won't let you download it as it's not officially released yet. The official release date is July 9th so you will be able to download it then.

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