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Who do you think killed the girls.

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Ok so my theory is either Bloody Mary and Crooked man, or Holly killed Lilly cause she hates the rules and government so the only way to get a message was to kill her sister. Only cause there the only possible lead so far. I think Blue Beard has something to hide as well, cause he always wants to question also cause he wont tell us why he wants to find Crane, meaning he has something to the murder.

  • They committed suicide.

  • Faith I THINK commited suicide. Lily, however, was killed by Vivian because it was done in the hotel room. That's just my theory. :)

    • Is it not possible that Nerissa pulled the ribbon there? These 3 were working together to expose him. Remember how she was crying after Crane kept trying to bust the answer out of her, how she said she didn't have any friends left as if she was involved in their deaths?

      Vivian wasn't involved because she's directly working with Georgie/Crooky. She's more of a chauffer and Georgie's personal assistant.

  • Toad Jr. Killed them. Remember when he said " ...... I don't think she likes me" to snow, he was referring to lily. He has a psyco crush on Lily and Faith and won't stop until they are all his. He wants to put those girls in his "insect collection."

  • I really seem to be the only person that thinks that if the girls' committed suicide they did it because they found a way around it (Swineheart reattaching their heads back in).

    • I don't think they commit suicide. Because Faith died cause she did not have the money to pay whoever she was going to see. And Lilly died after Crane was with her. So does not really make sense in my opinion.

    • If they did, the method used is not available in the comics (as in the comics decapitation equates to permanent death) and it won't help Lily because she's down the Witching Well.

      • I bet ripping off someone's heart also "equates to permanent death", still Swineheart did it in himself. I'm saying he got himself ready to perform a break-through in medicine. Frankenstein went way beyond it (the result was a monster because of all different body parts dead for such an extended period), and I would consider it a fable.

        and who's to say Lily really was thrown down the Witching well? When Snow got there, Crane was missing and also Lily's body so she assumed the most obvious, but I'm betting the doctor got his hands on it in time to save her. The same way the head found his way to him, and Faith's body that we never got to find and assume is lying on the bottom of the same lake Lily was "disposed" of.

        • Snow never says, to my knowledge, that Lily's body was "missing". She actually says that Crane threw it down the Witching Well BEFORE she learned that Crane was involved. Because it's before learning about Crane's involvement and fantasies, I'm inclined to believe that she was telling the truth, and not making a leap in logic or accusing him of something out of anger.

          • She can believe it's true, because she got there and there was no body so she assumed it as there's hardly any other explanation. I think we can both agree that she wasn't there, because if she was she would have tried to stop Crane and would demand an explanation from him. So she simply can't know it for herself, and what she thinks she know is a mere assumption.

            • I can agree that she wasn't there, she was with Bigby at the Trip Trap, but I think that Crane either left her a message, Bufkin told her, or she saw Crane and he told her he put the body down the well. I don't think she would say Crane did it without being certain. She withheld judgment of Crane concerning the girls' deaths longer than anyone, even after finding out he was a creep.

              • Like I said, there are many possibilities. But I still think she could have simply assumed so. Concerning Crane the way I see it the important part is no how she withheld judgement, but that she ASSUMED he wasn't guilty because he wouldn't have the "courage", that killing doesn't fit him, etc. Come on, that was the dumbest part of the game to me. No detective would ever dismiss Crane from the suspect list like that. That's a reason not to thrust Snow's judgment too fast.

  • See I would usually blame the Crooked Man but something just doesn't add up. The Crooked Man is a business man in true light, yes he exploits the weak and poor of Fabletown but he doesn't turn away from making a profit. Those two girls, Faith and Lily worked for Georgie Porgie; who in turn works for The Crooked Man. It just doesn't make sense for The Crooked Man to go an kill two of his staff, they can't be talking bad about him or holding a secret against him as they had the ribbons see to any of those issues beforehand. Besides why would he have Dum and Dee go on enquiries and investigations on Faiths and Lily's murder afterwards? The Crooked Man is not the killer in this crime, and I don't believe Mary is either.

    There is one person I suspect, one person I feel might be the murderer....and

    Now why would I suspect Holly you might ask? She's the sister to one of the victims yes, so why would she kill her own sister? I'm not quite sure on that part as of this moment, but my guess is she didn't approve of the work she was doing, as well as the fact she was doing it to one of her customers. She's always said that Fabletowns government can't get anything done, so how would she deal with this? She'd do it herself, granted it's messy but the work get's done. Trust me, it's going to be someone we least expect.

    • YOUR RIGHT, in the trailer Bigby was fighting something big, it could of been Holly you are a genius. Wait a minute if Holly killed Lilly and Faith why would she dumped the head outside Bigby place. It sort of adds up but I cant fiqure out why she would dumped the head and body. And we never knew were faith body went.

  • Has anyone suspect the taxi driver Bigby always use, on the first episode you walk outside but a man pops up and snow goes "good evening" "or morning" and the guy goes "yea". Then the same guy is lining up in the business office, also the same taxt driver, also he is the one who gets crushed when your chasing Dee after Laurence house, there a few more you see him. I don't know if Tell Tale being Lazy putting the same guy over and over again or he follows Bigby around and tells the crooked man or Crane.

  • So is there even a killer behind all of this ? Or is it when the ribbon comes off, so does your head? I'm guessing the ribbon and your head would come off. Bloody Mary on the other hand is another possibility but it just does not seem correct considering she kill mundys not fables. The crooked man and his minions on the other hand are involved with this type of magic for the prostitutes ribbons so therefore they need to be stopped in episode 5 >:O

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