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100% in SBCG4AP 5

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Ghosts Freed:
1-4: Get through main game
5: Take a picture in SB's Bathroom
6: Take a picture in SB's Basement
7: Take a picture near Photobooth
8: Take picture outside of scorpion's house

Game Boxes:
Lady Crate Ape: The box outside SB's house
Mr. Fixit: Use Poopsmith on Car
Spirits of '76: Take picture outside of scorpion's house open the box near it
Gel-Arshies Pro Fruit Boarder: Use marshie on the brickwall.
HalfAthalon: Break the musket box again

Cheat Commandos:
SwampSlash: Take picture near Photobooth
Dryghost: Place peasant near mysterous bush near strongbadia
Subtlefuge: Marshie on the lava back at the track

Good Graphicteers:
French Press: Box near photobooth
Carpel Tunnel Connie: Inside StrongSad's bookcase
Anti-Social Angus: Inside box near inn
Junk in the Trunk: Use marshie on mailbox

Red Coat Ghost Patrol:
Shoot ghost near cool car 8 times with light musket

Trogdor's 3D-ungeon:
Get over 10,000 points

Clothes Items:
Stinkoman's hair: Fix far left ladder in Stinkoman's level.
Stinkoman's Gloves: Use marshie on the concession stand.
Stinkoman's Boots: Bathroom of SB's House, take a picture
Pixel Hat: Open crate near Concession Stand
Pixel Boots: Open box in forest. It's rather obvious.

*Bonus* Invisible Shirt: That same trick from episode 1. Run off the edge x3.

And that's what I got so far.
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