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Other Language with Episode 5 ?

posted by Glurak21 on - last edited - Viewed by 968 users

Hi i didn`t buy Wolf among us and The walking dead Season 2 yet because its only in english. Will with Episode 5 of A Wolf Among Us germans Subtitels be added ? Some Informations to that would be great.

Oh you see my english is extremly bad :-D

  • I'm very sure subtitles will be available soon after the release of the fifth episode, hang tight!

    Ich bin sehr sicher, dass Untertitel wird bald nach der Veröffentlichung des fünften Folge zur Verfügung stehen, hängen eng!

  • Seriously there are no complicated words in these games. English is not my native language but I understand everything, you live in a country with good education, you should be able to play a game without german subtitles.

  • So Telltale the Consoles have multi language Subtitles but PC dont have any come on give us a patch! I have the game still on my Whishlist on Steam same with TWD Season 2.

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