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Would You prefer Tell Tale doing Episode or wait for a Whole Game

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Would You rather Telltale making a whole games or all 5 episode ever month or two. I think they should keep doing episode every month, but some might prefer not waiting every month or two. (The games im talking about are the ones like walking dead and wolf among us)

  • Depends on what kind game it is.

  • I never quite understood this. You can just wait till everything is out and then play them all at once

    EDIT: I dont actually agree with this myself if this wasnt clear I like the episodic model but i was simply saying if you are going to complain about wanting it all at once you can simply wait and have it all at once. Everyone seems to think im demanding it all be released at once which isnt the case

    • Then where's the hype. It's like having a whole TV series coming out on one day and in like a week you're already done with it and you move on. This episode thing keeps you invested in the game for months.

    • Then discipline yourself and wait for the disk release if that's what you prefer. It being episodic doesn't hinder your enjoyment if you're patient for the whole game.

  • Well some people might like that, I know I played the walking dead when all the episode came out I did not mind that I did not have to wait to see what happens I just played the whole game, then I played it again but with different choices. But I prefer waiting each month its like a TV show.

  • Well, the wait between the episodes kinda hypes us, so I am okay with it. And we have the forum to wait!

  • It keeps the hype up and the amount of players buying the game. For instance Watch Dogs, it was pre - ordered to the max and came out and was popular for about 2 weeks. And now i don't hear about it at all anymore, (Im not saying Watch Dogs should have been episodic.).

  • I like the episode format. I think waiting for the next episode makes the whole experience really exciting. Plus it makes the game feel like a year long event rather than something that's over quickly. It also allows telltale to incorporate fan feedback as they go along. So yeah, I'm fine with the waits. It's fun to sit around wondering "what's going to happen next?!"

  • I think I'll go with episodes... I'll lose thy hype if i had waited a year

  • With the current length of the episodes being so short, Id rather have them all at once.

  • I like the TWDG being released an episode at a time instead of all in one go like most games are, it makes the actual experience last longer and adds more to the hype and theories at guessing what'll happen next.

  • If they find a way to keep the hype and shorten the waits, then episodic is a good idea.

    But in the way things have been going? It's better to release all at once.

    Episodic gaming: Either do it right, or don't do it at all

    • Exactly correct. I wouldn't mind episodic games at all, as long as the episodes were out in a timely manner.
      That is what winds people up, me included. Plus the no information lark and all this coming soon, super soon and round the corner.

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