Would You prefer Tell Tale doing Episode or wait for a Whole Game

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Would You rather Telltale making a whole games or all 5 episode ever month or two. I think they should keep doing episode every month, but some might prefer not waiting every month or two. (The games im talking about are the ones like walking dead and wolf among us)



  • Depends on what kind game it is.

  • Exactly like Wolf among us And Walking dead

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    I never quite understood this. You can just wait till everything is out and then play them all at once

    EDIT: I dont actually agree with this myself if this wasnt clear I like the episodic model but i was simply saying if you are going to complain about wanting it all at once you can simply wait and have it all at once. Everyone seems to think im demanding it all be released at once which isnt the case

  • Well some people might like that, I know I played the walking dead when all the episode came out I did not mind that I did not have to wait to see what happens I just played the whole game, then I played it again but with different choices. But I prefer waiting each month its like a TV show.

  • Well, the wait between the episodes kinda hypes us, so I am okay with it. And we have the forum to wait!

  • It keeps the hype up and the amount of players buying the game. For instance Watch Dogs, it was pre - ordered to the max and came out and was popular for about 2 weeks. And now i don't hear about it at all anymore, (Im not saying Watch Dogs should have been episodic.).

  • I like the episode format. I think waiting for the next episode makes the whole experience really exciting. Plus it makes the game feel like a year long event rather than something that's over quickly. It also allows telltale to incorporate fan feedback as they go along. So yeah, I'm fine with the waits. It's fun to sit around wondering "what's going to happen next?!"

  • I think I'll go with episodes... I'll lose thy hype if i had waited a year

  • With the current length of the episodes being so short, Id rather have them all at once.

  • I like the TWDG being released an episode at a time instead of all in one go like most games are, it makes the actual experience last longer and adds more to the hype and theories at guessing what'll happen next.

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    If they find a way to keep the hype and shorten the waits, then episodic is a good idea.

    But in the way things have been going? It's better to release all at once.

    Episodic gaming: Either do it right, or don't do it at all

  • I like the episodic wait. It's pretty fun to analyze things in between episodes and review things. It makes me more excited for each episode. I think having the game released without any waiting would probably be a lot for me, because I wouldn't be able to take every detail of the game in.

  • I would actually prefer Telltale to make the bulk of the game all at once but then release the episodes periodically (once a month is fine by me). It gives them more control over the release date and thus the waiting time between episodes while also allowing them to take in fan feedback and make tweaks here and there as they go along.

  • I prefer full length games in general... I just think it's much easier to keep a game focused and tight when making an entire game for release vs. having to keep track of things in between episodes and crunch down dev time to just a few weeks for each episode.

    As it is I don't mind telltale games being Episodic, but you'd have to do some convincing to make me think it actually improves a thing. They only seem to listen to feedback in the worst possible way - ie keeping well liked characters around or trying to manipulate what people think, not actually taking legitimate criticism and improving the game. How long have people been asking for hubs, longer episodes, more focus on the cabin group, less shock value storytelling, etc? Has any of that actually been implemented? So if it's not in Episodes so they can respond to feedback and improve... why?

  • I perfer to wait for the whole....these type of games causes people to lose patience..even mine as well.....i guess it's because of the story.

  • Episode by episode.

    Gives you the chance to get hyped in between, and like the purpose of this forum, have discussions in between episodes. By playing them all at wait, you don't really have that anxiety of what will happen in the next episode, because you're gonna play it right away.

  • i just hate waiting...waiting more than 2 months?

  • I like the episodic style, and in fact I look forward to it. When my cousin comes over he plays the new episodes and is always super excited, so them coming out every so often just extends the fun. I wouldn't mind the episodes to be a bit longer though.

  • Why they don't already do this baffles me.

  • I think we all have a love-hate relationship with TT. because it is episodic, but I like that. :D

  • I think episodic because what if they release a whole game and it sucks. But if it's episodic they gain feedback and improve future episodes (not happening so far but soon)

  • Honestly, if there aren't any hubs or extended moments of quiet reflection with the characters next episode, I'm calling bullshit on the whole fan feedback thing.

  • Then where's the hype. It's like having a whole TV series coming out on one day and in like a week you're already done with it and you move on. This episode thing keeps you invested in the game for months.

  • We'll just have to wait and see.

  • Then discipline yourself and wait for the disk release if that's what you prefer. It being episodic doesn't hinder your enjoyment if you're patient for the whole game.

  • I perfer epsidoic because the walking dead game doesnt focus that much on gameplay but the story. i just like the interactive tv show/movie experience and it just gets you really immersed with the story and characters

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    Episodic, but give themselves a headstart; say already have the second episode pretty much done by the time the first episode is released. Then they can release with an actual schedule.

  • Guest what I'm still alive telltale might let you see me in episode 5 also for the wolf among us episode and for twd whole game

  • I love the episodic format and while I played TWD season 1 with all the episodes already out. Playing TWD season 2 and TWAU episodically has been a amazing experience.

  • I think that the game is too emotional for me to play through the whole game. I feel like I would be going on an emotional rollarcoaster for hours and that would suck. I already play an episode and have to stand back and ask myself "Was that the right choice?" I think episodic is also very different from others games and thats what sets them apart. Every month Im checking to see if the new episode is coming out and I think thats helping telltale games momentum and hype. I think its not a bad idea

  • I like the episodic format the people who are complaining about it don't understand it it makes us hyped for what is coming up next and gives us something to talk about and it makes the experience last longer let's be honest the ending of season 1 would not have been that emotional to us if they released it in one go cause it would only take 2 days max to finish it and we would care about lee but not as much as we do when the game is released over the course of 7 months

  • I myself don't really know what I would prefer. Each preference has their pros and cons. With the wait, the pros are that we are able to talk the game, the episodes we've played in the past, what's yet to come in the future, who will die, who will survive, when will we be getting news, screenshots, a trailer, the release date, and then the episode. Some of us like to have fun on the forums like posting funny pictures, or saying some funny comments. The cons would be the long wait time and the lack of news we get from Telltale, and sometimes, things get tense in the community forums. I've seen people arguing sometimes, and some people have got banned.

    The pros of the game coming all together would be, the only wait time being the wait for the game, be able to continue the story when things get intense in the game, and finish it in a short amount of time instead of finishing an episode and waiting what feels like the slowest 2 months for the next episode. The cons would be, once the game is over, you've got that one question that's nagging at you in your mind: Now what? It does apply for both scenarios since the waits between episodes take so long, that same question will be nagging at you mentally.

    If anything I probably would choose waiting for the new episodes cause of the fact that I'm more excited about each new episode coming out and I'm able to have people to chat with who are just as much fans of The Walking Dead as I am, in the same situation. I'd say the waits are bittersweet. You've seen the reasons listed above. Anyways, I'll stop rambling now. I've made my point.

  • A friend of mine played season 1 on disc in two days and cried like a baby at the end. I think it's neat they release the game in episodes, but they need to be more timely about it. They should make the whole season, or at least the first two episodes, then release them a month apart. In the end though I think the best thing to do would be just to release full game instead of releasing it pieces at a time, especially if we have to wait two months for each one hour vignette

  • I dont mind the wait like most people. If it was one game, it would be a completely difference experience because isnt it depended on the choices the players make going into each new episode?

  • Exactly correct. I wouldn't mind episodic games at all, as long as the episodes were out in a timely manner.
    That is what winds people up, me included. Plus the no information lark and all this coming soon, super soon and round the corner.

  • I LIKE the idea of episodic gaming HOWEVER Telltale does an absolutely terrible job at it. As I have said before waiting 2 months for 90 minutes of gameplay is absolutely ridiculous and how anyone can support this style of gaming is bizarre to me.

  • Who does it better and how?

  • Episodic gaming has lost its luster with me. I've said it before, but an hour and a half of game play every 2 months or so doesn't add up to me. In the future I'll buy the complete games and play at my own pace. I will miss the forum tho :(

  • I think most of the Communities Topics and Theories lives because of the Gaps and the episodic Way. There would be much less Need for it when the Content is finished at one Hands. Like it is with similar TV Shows. You Guys remember Lost? Yeah that Show was huge because of that very Reasons.

    I like it the Way it is for WD. Sometimes i think the other Way. Then i remember that it was one of the Things which got me hooked. Not so much for Wolf as it is based on a criminalistic Presentation. And you forget many Stuff or in the worst Case losing Interest especially if you have a Situation like the One with E2.

    And i doubt it will working well for Borderlands too. But for GoT though.

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