What happened in trailer

-bigby vs jersey dual and crooked man will decide whoever loses will die so he shot jersey in trailer
-bloodymary beats bigby with her trueform then bigby is forced to use his full form to chase the car and fight her
-nerissa probably died, vivian saw her blood at pudding and pie

do you agree? and what else do u think


  • edited July 2014

    -When did The Crooked Man shoot Jersey?

    -Bigby is chasing Vivian in the car, you can see it's her if you pause the video.

    -It could be Georgie's blood too, since he appears to be wounded in a picture of him and Vivian, at the Pudding and Pie.

  • Bloody Mary was not in the car also how do you know it was a dual? In the trailer the crooked man fired a warning shot. Also do you really think telltale would let Bloody Mary kick bigbys ass twice? Bigby is far more powerful then what has been shown so far in the game.

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